Friday, January 6, 2012

Cheaper than a Starbucks’ Venti Green Tea Cream.

Klong Toey (or Klong Toei) market is probably one of the largest and busiest fresh markets in Thailand (very fresh, so fresh that most of the goods are still very much alive), there are also stores for clothes, kitchenware, hardware and so on as well.

VegetablesAs the market is not too far away, Gio had decided to do here grocery shopping there instead of going to the well known supermarket, such as Villa Market, Tops Supermarket or Lotus.

This pile of vegetables could have cost us anything between 500 – 300 THB (16  - 10 USD) depending on one’s choice of Supermarket, but at Klongtoey fresh market it was 190 THB (6.1 USD) this is as much as the most expensive Starbucks’ drink in Thailand (Starbucks Venti Green Tea Cream @ 215 THB (6.9 USD)), just want to put it into prospective :)
Enough goodness to feed a family for about a week, all for a price of a Starbucks’ drink, talking about an economic divide.

Klongtoey Market
I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all travellers who want to see a different side of Bangkok, it is a bit ‘raw’ (not a tourist destination) and extremely busy. Please be careful of your belongings… pickpocketing is rife, so please be careful, you can try searching ‘Klongtoey Market’ on, to get an overall feeling of the place. The location is 13.718228,100.560039, have a safe trip :) Please also note that the market is close to the Klong Toey “densely populated with substandard housing and utilities area (slum)”.

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