Friday, December 9, 2011

So, how was it?

DSC09214Dear Marcella,

So, how was your first month? Well, you have been complaining a lot (really a lot) about the slow service, apparently we just can not serve you milk fast enough :) And you also have complained quite a bit about the sleeping arrangement, for as soon as we put you down, you simply started complaining and complaining and complaining, in fact you don’t stop complaining until we pick you up again.

At least you like the milk your mother serves, she has to do a lot of work in all hours of the night to keep you happy, but of course she does it all with a smile :) (unless it was three in the morning, lol). Welcome baby, we are just simply over the moon to have you in our arms :) really looking forward to all the months ahead, hopefully you will stop complaining soon, lol.

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