Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gotcha :)

DSC091751Dear Matt,

In the latest batch I’d pulled out 217 images/clips from your SD card, from that very camera you are holding in your hands, of course most of it didn’t pass the censorship committee (the committee has one member, me).

You are just about three and a half now, and as each day passes you are handling the camera better and better, of course the flash is always on otherwise all of the photos would have been nothing but a Jackson Pollock painting.

At least you are capturing what you have intended and lately you are asking your live subjects to pose or even moving the props around to get the design you liked.

However, I wish you would stop dropping your camera though :) I think it may be too soon to talk about composition or exposure, so I am just going to let you have fun taking embarrassing photos of your parents for just a little while longer.

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