Friday, October 9, 2009

Giving it a rest…

Have been waiting and waiting for November the 15th, because that is the day when Nikon will be announcing their new products, and there have been so many rumours flying around on the Internet. Because of the D90 (which was stolen a few weeks back), I am totally hooked on Nikon and was hoping they would release a replacement to the D700 (I don’t want much, just a D700 with VDO).

From my latest visit to, it looks like there will be a no replacement to the D700 after all… what a disappointment, I was willing to go all out and jump into the realm of the FX sensor (and I even got the misses’ permission already).

Here is a small quote from the article I have just read (…


Q & A session with Peter Giesen from Nikon Germany (no D700x/D700s in the near future)

On October 2nd, 2009 there was an online photo fair that took place in Germany. The fair included also a presentation by Peter Giesen from Nikon. He talked about flashes, wireless lighting, Capture NX 2, lens technology, accessories, etc. Here is a brief description of the Q&A session that took place at the end of his presentation:

  • On the question “will there be a 28-300 lens for FX cameras” he answered that at the moment this was beyond his knowledge
  • On the question “will Nikon bring more than 12 MP on a DX sensor” he answered indirectly by pointing the disadvantages of a bigger sensor  (noise, etc.)
  • On the question whether there will be a 24-70 VR II lens soon, he said that he didn’t know because no one would tell him before new products were released
  • When asked about the successor of the D3 he dodged the question by going to the next one
  • The only question he gave a definitive answer was about the D700 successor: “the D700 has been introduced only last year, and we won’t have a successor in the near future”


I knew it was wishful thinking to be hoping for a D700’s replacement, but after reading so many rumours and speculations, I was beginning to believe that there could have been a replacement, but only recently the speculations had suddenly shifted towards a D3s, and now it looks like that could be true…

What now? Canon 5DMkII is looking pretty good right now… but on the other hand, the article did say “in the near future”… I wonder how long that is… haa haa haa… 5 days? :)

I am going to give all these rumours/speculations/guesses a rest and just wait for the announcement, perhaps the D3s won’t be that expensive (oh… another wishful thinking again…).