Saturday, October 24, 2009

It has so much potential

Since forever, I have this feeling of un-comfortableness whenever I visit a zoo. This weekend is a long weekend, today (Friday) is the birthday of our beloved King Rama V. We didn’t have any thing planned, but on a whim decided to visit Dusit Zoo (Bangkok main and to my very limited knowledge the only zoo in BKK).
The last time I was here could be counted in years… and I remembered not being too impressed, and after arriving there this afternoon, my feeling hadn’t changed one bit (probably got worst).
IMG_7018 There were temporary food stalls on every piece of available space; the flamingos were so beautiful (and shouldn’t really be locked up, here is where my ‘un-comfortableness’ issues start to creep in) but there (virtually in the same cage) is a huge, fumes spewing, loud, smelly, wontons frying stall… Why??? The only thing I can think of is that the zoo needs the money because perhaps of low visitors, but surely having these stalls will just going to drive away more visitors …

As this isn’t a zoo review article there is no point to go moaning on any further, I only hope they are really taking good care of all the animals, who deserve so much, much more than what I’ve seen today.

This zoo has so much potential all it needs now is a huge miracle.


IMG_7016 IMG_7022