Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moving away from safe grounds…

I am just a little obsessive right now, looking for a replacement for the D90 that the burglars (ar*% hol^%) took. As mentioned before, I am looking to go up a notch to a full frame sensor, meaning a D700 or its replacement… reading rumours after rumours and looking at the product cycle I don’t think I have that long to wait :)

Lumix GF1However, I need something to tie me over before then, my Canon G7 is reaching its limit especially for photographing little Panop running around in low light, and here is where I believe my luck is changing… Panasonic Lumix GF1…

I am a hardware addict, for point and shoot I have been glued to Canon for so many years, I know this is slightly soppy, but even a thought of changing brand have given me a pause.

I know some hardcore people out there will say, one can not compare Canon G11 to Lumix GF1 (different price point, sensor size and so on), I have only one criteria, ‘size’. What is the best camera that ‘externally’ fits into a ‘Point & Shoot’ category.

Of course, I am going to wait for the review on, Canon G series has so many plus points (manual control is the hook for me), lets hope GF1 fulfil its potential… looking forward to a new gear, may the best camera (that suits me) wins :)