Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Been Burgled: My Batcave (sort of…)

IMG_6780IMG_6782 All done in only a day and a half, first day was a full day of just wiring… On the second day, it only took half the day to install all of the cameras and set up the DVR.

I am glad this project is over, it went much quicker and smoother than I had anticipated, the next coming project is the burglar alarm, there will be no wiring this time (decided to go with a wireless solution), they should be coming in to set it all up within a couple weeks.

It was all rather a great novice experience at first, sitting and watching the world going by… a cat taking a nap on the car, a car going pass the front gate… and so on.

Now the little TV is off, and I can not see it coming on again any time soon, lets hope this investment becomes worthwhile when it is really needed, yet again I hope I never have to use it, ever :)