Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going back to G7

Now that the Nikon D90 and the Sanyo Xacti CA9 is in some ar%# ho*&’s  hands, I am back to the forever reliable Canon G7. Many years ago when some friends, girlfriend (now wife) and I went down to the tsunami affected areas to the south of Thailand, to help out with the body recovery effort. At that time I had a Canon G6, but didn’t have the heart nor the time to take any photos, all the efforts were spent on processing all the bodies as soon as we could (the key objective at that time was to ‘take them home’ to their awaiting relatives).

To cut a long story short, the G6 was also stolen too… and now the D90… :( nevermind life goes on, I am now hunting for a new system. The purpose of getting the D90 was to learn to use a DSLR proficiently enough before moving to a higher model (probably a full frame camera), so luckily no real investment was made on the lens before the thiefing bas%$^# took it.

So what now? Have just decided to go full frame straight away, it would make more sense for the lens investment, of course the very top end is totally out of my reach (1D Mk IIIIIII or the D3XXXXX), the next step is the D5 MkII or the D700. The D700 is getting on a bit but there is a rumour a replacement should be coming in just a few months… Because of the D90, I have kind a fell in love with the Nikon system and will probably go with the D700’s replacement… Of course this won’t happen until I have install the home security system first :)

What have I learnt from getting the D90? I am never going to get the kit lens again, proficient for learning purposes, but I have found the lens kit to be too slow, better to bite your lips and fork out a little more for a faster lens. So the D700s/D700X/D800 (or whatever) will be purchased “body” only, and perhaps a AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED (I may be dreaming here…)

Oh, forgot about the Canon 7D rumour… yet another option? It would have been better if the D90 was still in my hands… but there isn’t much one can do about that…