Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Turning slightly “Orange”

Several times during this past two to three weeks, several people had mentioned that you looked slightly ‘orange’, and when putting you next to us you can really notice that you are slightly orange… Well, this was not that surprising to us, your diet consists of quite a lot of pumpkins and carrots, but in reality you should have turn “green” considering how much more of the green vegetables you’ve been eating (Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Ivy Gourd, Spinach, courgettes and etc).

Anyway, all the comments we’ve been getting got us a little paranoid today, so on your way back (from your swimming exercise), your mother popped in to see the Doc. just in case. Well, apparently as long as your eye is still white all should be fine, but we’ve been told to lay off all the ‘orange’ food for the time being.

No more carrots/pumpkins for a while… :)

Love you.

Mum and Dad

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