Saturday, May 23, 2009

It’s just like Flying a kite (22.05.2009)

I think trouble is coming :), yesterday when we came home (in the city), we found my mother very excited, she couldn’t wait to tell us that you have taken your first couple of steps… you are already a handful on your four, can not imagine you running around and us trying to keep up… I am already knackered just thinking about it.

Ok, imagine this, there were 3 of us, sitting in a triangle formation, your grandmother has this down to perfection… here goes…

First is to make you stand up (by holding you under your arms) then wait until you are almost still (waiting for you to be still is like waiting for the rain to stop in a monsoon season)

Slowly, we transfer one of our hand from underneath your arm to grab on to your shirt (at the back), then remove the other hand, so what we have now is you standing by your own with only us holding on to the back of your shirt, honestly it is like just flying a kite, you would be swaying from side to side and of course we have absolutely no control whatever… :)

Here comes the tricky part, ‘aiming’, let say you started with me, so now I have you in the ‘launch’ position… (check list… standing (yep), shirt holding (yep), smiling (yep)). Aiming is 80% luck and 20% destiny, what I did was to wait until you looked at your mother and the real signal is when you stick out both of your arms… now ‘THAT’ is the time to let go…

Talking about a great example of a ‘waddle’, grown ups usually walked that bad usually only after a few pints of snake bite & black, right now you can only manage 3 to 4 steps (in an almost straight line).

Today we have Gymboree, I am sure the rest of your classmate, Taeya and Pound would now be waking too… can not wait to see them all with you today, thinking about all of you waddling around makes me smile…

Love you.


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