Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monsoon is here

It had been raining quite hard for the past couple of days, it was an absolute nightmare on this past Thursday and Friday, when it began to rain heavily right through the rush hour, driving on the roads really tested one’s ability to remain calm. The rain will make you driver slower and to add to it, all the accidents that happens and you have a recipe for a fantastic traffic jam.

Last Thursday, we had left the house a little late, but it took us over 2 hours to get into the city where usually it only take around an hour, meaning after dropping you off and driving to my office, I didn’t get into the office on that day until around 11, by the time I had settled in it was lunch time (talking about feeling guilty), and I was not the only one.

But we don’t really mind the rain, it means all the farmers will now have enough water for their farm, the weather seems to be getting a little strange of late. There is a ‘winter’ season, but usually it only consists of one or two cooler days, but last year there were some weeks where one would say it was actually ‘cold’, the ‘summer’ is getting hotter and hotter by the year. This year is absolutely noticeable, the heat was quite unbearable.

Some say that the peak of the summer is our ‘Songkran day’, then slowly we move into the monsoon season, always, the first rain is the hardest with very strong gale and this year was no different. Since the first rain we have been getting heavy downpour almost everyday, we are now in May, so there will be many more months of rain yet.

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