Monday, October 27, 2008

Then and Now

In the last few weeks before your arrival, your mother tipped the scale at around 70 Kg, that doesn't sound too bad... well, you have to consider she started off from 45 Kg!, which means it was a 56% net gain. Recently she had confided in me that she was slightly miffed to have only lost 8 Kg after you were born.

IMG_4141 IMG_1324 8 Kg gone, means she still had another 17 Kg to loose, and that have been her mission for the past 5 months, whether it be a special cream (made from a special 3 legged, 7 years old Yak's Bladder which have been marinated in a special Herb that draws water from the fountain of youth within in a small town call Atlantis), rigorous exercise and low carb. diet... But the worst of all, for some strange reason I was also roped into this insane plan (take away the water that I drink, take away the air that I breath, you can even take away my TV... but don't touch my carb... noodles, rice, potatoes... please).

Recently your mother had told me that she is now under 49 Kg (I really think she is more like 50 something, but for the sake of our marriage... she is definitely 49 something kg... probably 49.99995). All jokes aside, your mother had gone through a lot for you, and she will go through a lot more if need be, just don’t never ever forget that.

Love you


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