Friday, September 26, 2008

Swollen foot and one bitten arm (26.09.08)

It was Tuesday evening, we went to pick you up as usual from my parents, only to discover that your left foot was swollen (really swollen) and your right arm have this huge bite mark. I was taken back slightly, but didn’t think much of it, we all kind of assumed it was from an insect bite…

Wednesday morning came, although the bite on your arm looked better, but your foot was still quite swollen (your mother and I was quite worried by then), not to take any chances we decided to take you to see Dr. Wanchai.

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He wasn’t too concern about the bite on your arm, but your foot  was a different matter. However all of the key variables were fine, there was no high temperature and you were far from being lethargic. After prodding in the various locations, he prescribed some ointment and some anti-allergy medicine (which made you quite sleepy).

By the time Wednesday evening came, both of us were hoping the swell would subside just a little, to our disappointment, it was just the same… ‘Things will be better tomorrow’… Thursday morning came… it got worse, the swell had spread from your foot and ankle to your leg we decided to follow the usual routine and dropped you off at my parents, your mother was going to call Dr. Wanchai once she got to the office.

Not surprising, Dr. Wanchai asked us to come in right away, so my mother and her sister (my aunt) bundled you up in a taxi and headed to the Hospital, your mother drove from her office (10 minutes away) and I had to catch a ‘Bike’ taxi (extremely common in Thailand) as I only work just a couple of minutes away.

Like some grand master plan, we all arrived within 3 minutes of each other, by the time I got there you had were already being checked by one of the nurses (she stuck a thermometer up your hoo-haa and you defecated all over her work station, haa haa haa). Your temperature was normal, and you were very playful, Dr. Wanchai called you in and after some more prodding he had decided to have your blood tested, he was afraid that you were infected by something…

The blood test was a hoot, you didn’t cry at all (all the nurses were very surprised), she stuck a small needle into your forefinger (left hand) and squeezed it to get the blood out, this was tedious, as the blood came out in such small droplets, it was a good 4 or 5 minutes before she got enough of it.

Your mother had to go to her important meeting, she was so worried. 25 minutes later the blood test results came back and I had to go and see Dr. Wanchai alone. Your white cell amount was normal (too much would mean you were infected), however just in case, he was deciding on which of the additional medicine to give you, there were 3 options, option A tasted terrible (he said) so I said no to that one and option C could give your diarrhoea. We went with Option B (actually he did), it is all pink and looked disgusting (I was wondering if option C would have been better).

Today is Friday, 4 days into this latest saga, and this morning you were your cheerful self, but the swell is still the same but your leg is a little better. Dr. Wanchai had just called your mother a few minutes ago, he said to keep an eye on your temperature… If things are not better we shall have to take you in again this Sunday… fingers crossed lets hope you are back to your old self by tomorrow

Lots of love


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