Friday, September 26, 2008

Super Mum...

I went up to the bedroom around 11 pm last night, and I came across your mother fast asleep with the breast pump machine still running. She was sitting in her chair, with her head bowed right down, she was in such a deep sleep that she didn’t stir when I gently shook her.

Just wanted to let you know how she is so devoted to you, the small things she had to give up (more than willingly) for you, no coffee, no booze, no sleep, no rest, and on top of that she is still trying to loose all the weight she had gained… haa haa haa, only a few more Kgs to go…

This morning she work up at 2 am, then again at 4 am to feed you, then she had to be up again at 6 am to get everything ready before we go out to my parents then to work. I am sure there are more mothers out there who is doing exactly the same thing with the same devotion… so I am going to whoop your little bottom if you give your mother a hard time when you grow up… (well, that is until you get bigger than me… J)



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