Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday 16.03.2008

You'll be glad to here that you have a bed/play pen now, to me it still looks like a prison ( a nice one at that... :). Your mother have also bought you some clothes with matching bibs and everything, don't worry you won't be a fashion victim, I can only imagine that half of the babies your age in Thailand would be wearing the same outfits. Personally, I didn't think you would be needing any clothes from 0 to 6 months, but your grands and your mother thought differently :)

We also got you a plastic bath (classy), there were so many choices, I was going to use a 'Ka-La-Mung' that we are now using to wash our clothes, hee hee.

Your mother is now into making smoothie, so I think I shall be having loads of smoothie for the next couple of weeks, after that the blender would be packed neatly away (by me) somewhere in the house, until she gets the urge again, we also have a juicer (just packed it away this evening), a Soy Beans drink making machine (also packed away tonight)... The BBQ thing was packed away many weeks ago, I think you get the drift... hee hee.



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