Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 21.03.2008. Going away...

I shall be leaving you for a few days, from this Sunday and coming back again on the following Thursday. Don't really want to go, but this is a business trip and couldn't really be avoided, sorry.

So don't dance too much while I am away to Dubai, your mother gets tired easily now. Luckily your auntie Tip will be coming to stay, you will love her, she is a PE teacher so when you are here she will teach you how to swim and everything :)

After Dubai, I shall also have to go to Vietnam, but this is just an over night trip, not too bad really.

Your mother is just as bad as your Gran when it comes to shopping, she is expecting me to get her something from Dubai :) It is really my Boss's fault, on the last trip (Milan) he was the one who pushed me to get something special for your mother, and now I don't think I can break the trend... hee hee, don't tell your mother, I am thinking of getting her a Playstation 3... :) (If I did, I don't think she will let me live long enough to see you walk... haa haa)



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