Monday, March 31, 2008

31.03.2008: Only 6 more weeks

Not long now, only about 6 more weeks before your arrival. We can't tell you how excited we really are, this coming weekend we are planning to get you a super hi-tech pram, I am sad to say there is no place to plug in the iPod but I am sure you can live without that :)

Gio's tummy is so big now, and every time you move, it is like a big tidal wave running from side to side, soon I shall try to catch and record it so you can see your mother's smile when it happens.

Luckily I shan't have to go to Vietnam now (I was supposed to be going tomorrow), that is certainly good news as I don't really want your mother to drive any more, besides I want to be here to control your mother's diet (or the lack of it), at the rate she is going I won't be surprised if you are 20 Kgs and ready for your first shave right out of your mother's tummy.



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