Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday 28.02.2008

I am guessing that in about 5-6 years, when you know how to control your thumbs and fingers properly, you'll be frustrated just like me right now. Because your mother will not let you play any VDO games!!! She will probably want you to play the piano or swimming or even learn how to cook (lol), she only has your best interest at heart although you won't feel it. Right now even I have to wait until she drops off to sleep (she gets tired quite easily now because you are taking most of her energy away, many thanks for that :) ) before I can power up the Wii (hooray).
Wii is a game machine for non-game minded group of players, the graphics isn't the best on the market but the game play is way up the top, just wait until I introduce Zelda: The Twilight Princess to you, come to think of it by the time you are able to play you'll be probably be playing the Zii or something... your mother is going to kill me when she reads this tomorrow morning... :)






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