Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday 25.02.2008

When you are old enough you'll find that Monday isn't my best day, so don't be angry if I take you to school late every Monday!

Your mother is already talking of your education, Kindergarden, Primary and Secondary, just imagine that, you are now minus 3 months (I mean I am not even sure if you have developed your ears yet?) and she already have the first 18 years of your life sorted (lol), so by the time you are here she should have your retirement plan sorted as well (only kidding).

I have a strong feeling that you won't remember this, but I have been talking to you for the past couple of months, so if you have any strange dreams of muffled sound coming from all direction, that would be me talking to you through Gio's not so little tummy. Last night was the time table (2 x 2 and so on), somehow I don't think you will like maths because you started kicking and punching from beginning to end, does that mean you won't be entering into the world of accounting and finance?

Gio is afraid that you'll look like me, haa haa haa, I think she has the right to be concerned... kidding, I am not that bad, honest...




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