Thursday, February 21, 2008

21.02.2008 Preparation

We can't wait to see you, and it won't be long now, we were told 'May' and it couldn't come fast enough for us. We have to get by seeing you once a month through the Dr's monitor, but so far we just couldn't get a clear picture of you, the best picture that we have is already in our mobile phones, why do you keep putting your arms up? :)
Only yesterday we were given a list of things to buy before your arrival, the list is longer than things to do when NASA launches a space shuttle! You'll be glad to know that we have already decided on the space where you'll be sleeping. Things will change around here that's for sure, old routines will be broken, just in case you wanted to know I am an old stick for routines, but will gladly change for you.
Gio is eating everything in sight, and she is blaming you... I know the truth (lol). Today is Makabucha day (very important for Buddhist like me), so today is a public holiday, Gio and I took a quick drive (an hour or so) to Samutsongkram Province specifically to Umpawa sub district, you can see the pictures when you are old enough (by the way we had a great time).





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