Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wiping her tears away (02.10.2008)

Last night your mother and I went to bed not particular in the best of moods, because your rash had spread further and was now reaching your chest, the only good news is that your temperature was still within range and you were still very playful.

This morning was different, the rash had spread to your face, the temperature was slightly high and instead of being cheerful in the morning (as usual), this time you were quite groggy, worst of all your foot was still slightly swollen. With everything coming together and perhaps not getting enough sleep, trying to be positive was just impossible for your mother this morning.

We did the best we could, gave you some medicine for the slightly high temperature, wiped your body down, packed you up in the car then headed off to my parents, you slept all the way again.

Called home a couple of minutes ago, I think there are good signs, the rash is wading away in the front of your body but spreading to your back (according to my mother), I hope soon you’ll be white-ish again, your left foot is also looking better, the swell on your ankle is getting smaller now, but the top of your foot is still not quite there yet (just slightly bigger than your right foot). You ate well this morning and at this moment you have just woken up from your morning sleep…

Your mother have also just had a chat with your Dr., we were confirming to him if it was ok to give you the medicine for your high temperature (37.5 c), he said at that level there was no need to give you the medicine, you must be glad to have one less to take.

We can not wait to see you this afternoon, lets hope the red rash will be less and your foot is back to normal.

Love you


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