Friday, October 3, 2008

The Calm after the Storm (03.10.2008)

I want to start by showing these pictures of your face and back, so you can appreciate why your mother was so upset yesterday’s morning.

02102008(010) 02102008(011)


You’ll notice there was a little smile on your mother’s face, of course the red rash was a concern, but last evening (when these pics were taken) your temperature was normal and you were so cheerful, in short you were back to your old-self and that was the reason why your mother was smiling… (and so was I), more importantly, although your back looks terrible, the rash on your legs and your little (fat) belly have virtually disappeared. 







As soon as we went to bed last night, we just wanted the night to pass as quickly as possible so that we can see how the rash will have improve in the morning… and we were not disappointed, your back is looking great now, still some small islands of red rash, but looking less angry than it did yesterday.

Your left foot that have been swollen for the past 5 – 6 days have also improved, I think it is back to normal now. When I tried to compare your left foot to your right foot, I found that your right foot is now swollen because of the rash (will this never end?), hopefully by this evening, most (if not all) of the rash should be gone…

It was great to see your mother so cheerful last night, she is talking about taking you on another trip… being a totally risk averse freak that I am, I said we should wait until you have recovered completely (you still felt a little warm this morning).

So looking forward to see you this evening…

Love you.


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