Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Interesting Day (05.10.2008)

The winter is here (sort of)! Instead of a horrid sticky heat we have been suffering lately (monsoon’s heat can be quite suffocating), this morning was fantastic, the sun was shining and the air was cool (in relation to the usual temperature we’ve been getting), so my mood was in high gear, for once I am actually looking forward to today's visit to the Dr.

Usually, Sunday is a universal day of ‘doing nothing much’, well, we normally also follow this mantra with total devotion, but I am afraid not this Sunday.

IMG_3714 IMG_3701 First of all, you had a Dr. appointment at 11.00, meaning we had to be up early to fit in all of your morning routine (medicine, breakfast, bath and a quick nap). Although in our house your mother is ‘The Architect’ (refers to Matrix the film), no matter how powerful she is, she still could not control time (hee hee), so as per the grand design we were very late in leaving  the house and didn’t get to the Dr. until around 11.40. The paediatrics’ waiting area was as fun and chaotic as ever, just imagine 10 – 12 kids running around in every direction but the doctor’s office. As per our expectation, the Dr. showed a sign of relieve, not at your read rash but at your swollen foot (so were we), all you have to do now is to finish off all your medicine (YIPPPPPPP PEEEEEEEE).

dg Apirak df Today (apart from you being exactly 5 months old), is also Bangkok’s Mayoral election, there are really 2 strong contenders (by proxy, representing the two biggest political party (Pa-Lang-sdfPrachaochon (People’s Power Party (incumbent ruling party) & Pra-Chat-Ti-Pak (Democratic Party, the main opposition party)), while the rest are extremely colourful but don’t quite have enough clout to make a real challenge to those two.

So after the visit to the Dr., we had to drive across town to the election station, admittedly it only took your mother and I 5 minutes to submit our electoral vote, but getting there was a nightmare (going through the Talad Klong-Tom on a Sunday would be a last choice for any motorists, unless of course you are a totally masochist).

Although the official results have not come in yet, but it looks like the current Mayor (Apirak) will keep this position for another term, probably meaning more woe for the ruling party who seems to just be making all the wrong move at the moment.

The rest of the day was just too boring to tell you about (got you a new toy and a couple of story books), but just wanted to let you know that your mother and I are so relieve now, may be I am being paranoid but I still think your foot is still very, very slightly swollen.



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