Saturday, October 18, 2008

Social Gathering...

The main gate totally died last night, so I had to get out of the car (moan), unlock and go through a small door (which is a part of the gate (moan, moan), take out a small key, bend down and open a tiny door on the motor's housing that operates the gate (moan, moan, moan), unlock the mechanism then open the gate manually (moan, moan, moan and moan to the power of a Kajijullian).

IMG_3919 Anyway, today is a Saturday, and all week we have been looking forward to today, because you are going to have your first class at Gymboree. For your mother and I, we didn't think it will make you super smart or anything so pretentious, we just wanted you to meet other people, but more importantly, they have loads of toys... it sure beats you sitting and doing nothing much at home... :)

Personally, I was hoping to get some great pics of you having fun, but it turned out to be such a laugh for your mother and I, I hardly had the time to push the shutter button. Including you, there were only 4 in the class and most of them were over 9 months old, meaning they were mobile (crawling/walking) and sitting unaided, while you laid on your tummy like a huge Thai North Eastern Sausage.

IMG_3955xFor what it was, just an hour, you seemed to have loads of fun, I think the change did you a world of good.

Some of the crawling exercises looked so fun, but you'll just have to wait a little longer, and you'll be glad to know we have already singed you up for next week class, so you'll have more chance to drool all over the exercise mat again... :)

Love you





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