Friday, October 3, 2008

Still Smiling (03.10.2008)

Just wanted to quickly give you an update, you are now all tucked in nice and warm in your cot. This evening I came to see you at around seven forty five, the traffic was terrible again, so your mother didn't come and pick me up as usual, but instead I caught the underground (MRT here in Thailand) from Silom to Hua Lam Pong main station, then caught a Tuk Tuk (or Sam Lor (3 Wheels) in Thai) to my parents (40 Baths, my mother said I had paid too much and told me for the next time to haggle for less, and of course I won't... I am just rubbish at it), one of the first thing I did was to take a picture of your back…

03102008(004_3) 03102008(001) In just twenty four hours the red rash have improved so much, but your hands and feet are still swollen, however on a better note, it looks like the original swell (by the way, which I still suspect that it was caused by an insect) have now gone, better wait for the Doc. to confirm it though.

So you are on the mend, fingers cross, lets hope tomorrow still bring more improvement… I am so happy to see your mother more relax now, tomorrow is a Saturday, which means we get to spend the whole day with you.

Love you



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