Monday, October 27, 2008

Going Back to Pyjamas

IMG_4056 IMG_4322 We don’t know how to apologise enough, having just realised that your wardrobe consists of nothing but pyjamas! Between you and I, it is only your mother, and my mother who are fretting over this very, very minor issue. So far judging by your reaction, you certainly don’t mind socialising with the outside world in your colourful jimjams.

So, not to my surprise, this past extra long weekend (Piya Majaraj day, King Rama V’s commemoration day was on Thursday, and on the Friday both your mother and I took the day off, meaning we had 4 glorious days with you), thus your mother’s main mission was to buy some (what she calls) proper clothes for you…

Just guess where we went to shop? Your mother’s second home… Central Chidlom… So here is my first tip for you, once your mother is old and senile (hee hee) and if she ever gone missing, the first place you should look for her is the ‘shoes section’ at Central Chidlom.

IMG_4535 IMG_4508 The last time we checked you were about 74 cms, meaning the shirts and trousers we were looking to get was going to be tiny and cute (in comparison to my size). We weren’t disappointed, there were rows and rows of super adorable polo shirts, jeans, slacks and so on, it was fantastic (you should have seen your mother, she was positively beaming).

By all sense of reasoning, the tininess of your clothes should also reflect in the ‘tininess’ of the price? Right? So without checking anything apart from the sizes, your mother was picking this, feeling that, composing the colour scheme between tops and trousers… this went on long enough for me to loose interest, at the end you had 3 super duper outfits (see pic).

IMG_4510 IMG_4486 Now it was the time to pay… let me compose myself a little here… let just say, one of your shirt costs 475 bahts… this isn’t a typo… 475 bahts for a few cm2 of material (ok, if you want to be pedantic about it, including labour, logistic, storage and so on) but it is still one hell of a lot considering if they make it by the thousands… economy of scale… let me stop here and just say… you are going back to pyjamas (of course this is just a lot of hot air… there is no way your mother would let you look like a #$%^&, hee hee).

Love you


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