Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unexpected Emotions

Dear Matt,

Your final day at Noddy was unexpectedly quite emotional. Noddy's Principal had arranged the usual farewell graduation ceremony, this round about 25 or so children were moving on to other places, some were leaving the country, but mostly moving on to other schools.

DSC05932-001There was a big flood at Noddy, so things were very difficult (getting in and out), ended up having to drop you and your mother off first, then drove across the small road to the parking area, after leaving the shoes and socks back in the car and rolled up my jeans to just below the knee (absolutely dashing), I had to slowly stomp across the water to the school and ended up having to borrow this lady's flipflops (red, which went really well with my office attire).



DSC05934-002So by the time I got into the School, the first break of the day had just started, kids were running and playing all around, suddenly I saw Daniel who beeline towards me, shouting your name, 'Panop up stairs', then suddenly turned around and headed to the stairs that  lead to the third floor, what can one do apart from following your best friend. He led me up all the way to the ceremony room, then suddenly left. At that moment I knew I was going to truly miss him, probably more than you will.

DSC05991Anyway, the ceremony went well, started off with a tear jerking song ("What the world needs now is love sweet love"...) which was sung by your older peers (from other classes who were staying at Noddy). The the Principal made a tear jerking speech (going into some detail of where everyone was going and how long some of them have been at Noddy), followed my a tear jerking graduation ceremony, and a crescendo ending with another tear jerking song.

I had expected you to run up to Elizabeth get your certificate and ran back down, I could not have been more wrong, you should ask me to see the vdo ok. As this was the final day of term Noddy was letting all children off school early, so today everyone was going home at around 10:30, but the flood certainly slowed everything down to a crawl, we decided to hang around and let you and Daniel play while most of the others queued up to leave (trust me it was a very long and slow queue, but luckily the school was giving away free ice-cream... even for parents :), before Daniel went we had a quick chat with his mum, promising each other that we would meet up (she only lives down the road from our place).

DSC06053DSC05994So that was it, finally day at Noddy, actually not quite, your summer school starts in a week, but Daniel and most of the others won't be there, so for me it won't be the same, but I would imagine that you will enjoy yourself the same as ever :)

There are load of photos of you and your friend, especially several gorgeous ones of you and Daniel, ask me to show it to you, I don’t feel comfortable posting their photos without their parents’ permission :)

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