Monday, December 6, 2010


That's a whole lot of love :)

What perfect timing, yesterday (December 5th) was our beloved King’s Birthday because it felt on a Sunday thus the ‘9 to 5ers’ were given Monday off as a ‘catch up’ holiday, making this a much needed long weekend.

6th of December was also set for your year performance, no costumes and no props, the average age was only 2.7 years old so it was just a show to give you and your friends confidence. It starts off with a group song, then each class would come to the front to do their own little piece, you were in the ‘green’ class.

In the beginning all parents (including us) were very polite and sat perfectly still in rows (quiet chit chats here and there of course), you can feel the anticipation and excitement building at every tick of the clock…

Then the curtains were pulled back, revealing about 50 children, sitting, fidgeting with startled faces everywhere, as most of the parents stood up (some at the back even stood on their chairs), laughing and smiling all around…

The performance was perfect, of course we would say that, all the teachers and assistants have great voices… haa haa haa, the whole morning was absolutely adorable :) Can not wait to show you the video :)