Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We got it (moving soon) :) and what’s up with the 3 days rule?

cigarettePA_228x339 Score of friends and various articles on the web all say it would take 3 days, then you’ll be over the hump and sail all the way to a smoke free life… Well, it had already been a week, a fully clean week ‘physically’, but ‘mentally’ is another matter, the need (craving?) is constantly nagging me, and I am looking at every opportunity to give myself a reason to have ‘just one more’… of course I am still clean… but today was the hardest…

Spent the whole morning at the Department of Land, finalising the purchase of the condo., talking about tons and tons of paperwork, luckily TCC’s representative (developer) was there to show the way. Arrived there at a quarter to nine, and I was out again at around eleven (the bank didn’t make it there until gone ten), so all in all it only took around an hour.

So, usually one would celebrate with a smoke (and a pint but as this was Wednesday and no where near lunch time, somehow it was fine to celebrate without that pint :) I was so, so, so very close… but they didn’t get me this time, decided to jump into a taxi and headed straight home :)

TheEmpirePlaceSathorn Anyway, as of this morning we have a new place to live :) hip hip hooo raaaayyyyyy, we have already chosen the wallpaper/curtain (amicably), the sofa and dining set have also been bought, the next thing is the most important… a fridge… decided to go with Fisher&Paykel, as for the rest, telly, washing machine, etc. would just have to wait a little, needed to get all the essential in first :)

Your mother is over the moon, you’ll be so much closer to the school, so no more hours and hours spent in the car getting all frustrated (2 hours to go 22 kms is quite a farce), not only that, I am now going to be close enough to bike to work (2 kms).

All of us welcome this change, and it would not have been possible without the help of your grandmother (as always) :)