Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stop sucking my iPod Touch :)

In just four months you'll be 2 years old, we were warned about this, they call it "Terrible 2", as we get closer and closer to the fifth of May, and as each day passes we are beginning to understand this terrible two theory first hand :)

To be honest, you are not terrible :) but where as before we can just pull you here and push you there without even a squeak, now that you are older, you are starting to have a clearer idea on what you want and most of the time what you want is exactly the opposite to what is good for you, putting fingers into a live plug socket is so not 'good' for you.

Putting you into a car seat is like trying the catch an eel after our hands had been dipped in cooking oil, not easy is the point I am trying to get to. The only thing that will keep you still is the iPhone/iPod Touch, either of the two would do just nicely :)

So anytime we want you to remain still for a few minutes, up pop the iPod Touch, we have been avoiding giving you the iPhone because the last time you had somehow managed to call my father :)

Last week, your mother had left  you alone for a few second with the iPod Touch, while she went into the kitchen and I was upstairs… By the time I came down again I saw that the iPodT  was sitting on the desk, so naturally I picked it up, inserted the headphones and pressed the ‘home’ button… :)

A clear liquid kept coming out from behind the main button each time it was pressed… it didn’t need Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to tell me what liquid that was… Saliva :) After a closer inspection I can see small dint around the button… ‘tooth mark’… :)

4 days later, and the button is still not working properly, sometime it works but most of the time pressing the button does nothing :) I am hoping as soon as the saliva had evaporated then it will go back to normal… still hoping :) For some strange reason it makes me smile every time I imagine you sucking and biting the iPodT… I wished I had taken a picture of it :)