Sunday, January 17, 2010

Building a PC? May be you should visit HW Leaderboard


Like many, I’ve been religiously following various podcasts for a couple of years now, one of my favourite is TWIT (This week in Tech), under the same independent private organisation there are several others podcasts, the one I am also following is ‘Windows Weekly’.

One of the newest one that popped up was ‘This Week in Computer Hardware’ (TWiCH) which really hit the spot for me. This then lead me to (PC Perspective), they also have their own podcast (a more in depth version of TWiCH).

In building a PC, one of the most tiring phase that I had to go through was to choose all of the components. Putting together my current PC (it was my first (over 5 years ago)) from zero to installing the OS took around 5 hours (with severe hangover and had no experience, so I was being stupidly over careful on everything).

Through listening to the podcast, I was pointed to ‘HW Leaderboard’… simply they give you 4 lists of different specs of PC that you could put together… You may not agree with all of their choices, but I think this is one of a good place to catch up on the current tech. that one should consider in building a new PC, especially when you’ve been away from the like I have. :)