Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Shooter…


Another Saturday is closing, you are as sleep downstairs, your mother is in the kitchen preparing your dinner and I am here looking at your photographs :)

Not a bad set this week, I am using your Gymboree class as a practice session, for the past few times I have moved away from the safety net of mode “P”, the first few times was a total disaster…

“Aperture mode” kept giving me blurry pictures, “Shutter Speed mode” kept giving me very under exposed pictures, finally it is really a balance between Aperture + Shutter Speed + ISO setting…

To get that fine balance, all one needs to do is to take loads of pictures in different environment… However, I am classifying my self as a weekend shooter, the camera doesn’t see the light of day until Saturday morning… :) and it goes back in the closet on the Sunday :(



DSC_2221I am slightly worried this evening, today you seem to be off  your food a little, especially your milk which is so important for you. Admittedly we arrived back home a little late this evening, so you felt as sleep in the car. We were hoping that you would wake up for your dinner, but you didn’t.

So we woke you up (ever so gently), but even after a big while, you were still too groggy and were in no mood to eat…  So we decided to give you a quick bath hoping you’ll freshen up… that was a big NOPE… :)

You are now as sleep again, lets hope you get your appetite back tomorrow :)