Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Through the Windscreen and into the Abyss

IMG_6484 ‘Tang-Duan’ literally means ‘Way-Urgent’, to put it more internationally, ‘Express Way’, 45 Baths to enter it had changed many if not all  Bankokian’s way of life, several of us (including yours truly) only know how to get to a certain place via the express way.

‘Way-Urgent’/ ‘Express Way’ does imply free driving at speed, and it does (most of the time) apply in real life. Of course there are certain times in which you would like to beat the toll officers with a huge club (embedded with rusty nails) and get your 45 baths back,  when ‘Way-Urgent’ becomes’ No-F-ing-Way-Urgent and there are no other option than to sit here like a dumb gold fish in a metal bowl (time to waste more battery on the iPhone)’.

Every morning, getting on or off the express way seems to be more and more of an ordeal, the queue feels like it is getting longer and longer with each passing month, while the ‘Way-Urgent’ may imply most of the time once you are on the express way, but the entrance and exit definitely feels like a huge punishment for all the sins that I have accrued for this life and past :), may be there should be a ‘Pre-Entrance/Exit’ before the real Entrance/Exit gates… :) I think I need to think this one through…