Friday, July 17, 2009

Skiving Off Work…

We had only found out on the Friday that our beloved boss had decided to give us Monday (06.07.09) off, thus making it an extra long weekend from Saturday through to Tuesday, a 4 days weekend, it just doesn’t get better than that… well… it just got better because I had decided to take Wednesday off as well.

I must say that Wednesday was spent to the fullest, after lunch we took off across the city to your grand parents, it must have taken just a little over an hour by car to get there, but we were there only long enough for you to have your snack before heading off again to Safari World… what a laugh that was…

DSC_1494DSC_1522DSC_1534 (640x425)

Here is a little Bambi waiting for a shot gun… Only kidding :)

DSC_1481 (640x425)DSC_1479DSC_1480   

I don’t think you were actually looking at anything in particular, but the puzzlement on your face was probably due to the smell of Rhinosaurous’ poo, calling it pungent just doesn’t do it any justice…


Driving through the dangerous animal enclosures reminded me of  the film Jurassic Park, waiting for the heavy metal gates to open and close… was kind a fun, but by the time you got passed the gates and saw the tigers and lions (in separate section) it was a bit of an anti-climax… I mean, I didn’t expect them to be in hunting mode like on the discovery channel, but to see them just lying there and relaxing was nice… that’s it… just nice…

Definitely going back there soon, we didn’t have enough time for one of the highlight, feeding the Giraffes…can not wait to see your face being that close to the Giraffes, assuming we all survive the H1N1 flu… hee hee.

Love you…

M & D

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