Monday, July 20, 2009

Short Trip

G map Wat Don Wai This is Wat Don Wai, apart from being a very well known temple, another of its attraction is the colourful market and restaurants, many people seem to be selling ducks (cooked ones) as well as traditional Thai sweets, in fact the list just goes on and on.

Unfortunately, with only the 3 of us being there, this subsequently means we had to follow our primary formation… in simple words, your mother carried you, and I carried everything else (your mother’s rather HUGE handbag (made from elephant’s skin, and it must have taken at least 17 elephants (ears and all) to make this bag, because it is gargantuan colossal of a bag), all the shopping stuff, my bag, your bag, I think you get the picture). 

So, with my hands being rather full, it was darn near impossible to put everything down, then take out the camera to shoot a few shots of you and your mother… So the camera stay mainly in the bag… sorry.

What I had managed to shoot was not too bad, but the background is so boring… nonetheless, you had a great time seeing and hearing new things…, we can not wait to take you overseas…

 DSC_1633 DSC_1626DSC_1622

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