Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Bunch of Lens

DSC_0981_thumb[7]When I got the  D90 a few months back, I had promised your mother that I shan’t be buying any accessories for the camera, so far so so so ‘terrible’… Somehow the D90 had turned me into an old woman, I began to have ‘bags’ (camera) fetish… I just could not get enough of the camera bags… just bought another one from my latest trip to the Philippines (Crumpler 7 MDH, just like all the bags before this, I absolutely love it… until the next bag of course).

Before this your mother got me the best present ever… the grip for the D90… and now I have an itch for lens… listening to TWIP (This Week in Photography, www.twiplog.com) every week doesn’t help… 50 mm prime lens is a must have for portrait or should I get something more interesting like a fisheye lens, how about lensbaby, or tilt shift… or this… or that… aaaaahhhhhh

Time to meditate… and let it go… the kit lens 18 – 105 mm is great, and fine… (repeat 100 times).

It doesn’t help, when one of my colleague (Mink, who had actually studied photography at Uni.) brought in her old University kit (Nikon 801). Once she found out I had a Nikon, she was wondering if her old lens (16 years old) would work with the new body… eerrrmmm I was salivating.

24 – 50 mm, 105 mm micro, 70 – 210 mm, not to mention all the filters and loads more stuff, it was such a laugh. Mink was kind enough to offer them for me to take home, but I had decided against it, I mean, a weekend with these bunch of lens would probably mean an end of my marriage… haa haa, I am not kidding, your mother would have kicked me out of the house quicker than you can spit your milk all over the cat.

Love you.

M & D

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