Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Alexandria Link – Steve Berry

SANY0212_thumb2 Finished it around one this afternoon, this was my first book by Steve Berry, it certainly didn’t blow me out of my seat/bed/car/toilet (for the past 2 weeks I must have read this book almost everywhere) but it certainly was a good ride… I think if you enjoy Dan Brown, then there is no harm to give this book a glance.

To me, you can break the book down into 3 fights. Cotton Malone vs Dominick Sabre (aka Jimmy McCollum), I think this was supposed to be the main fight, but honestly I found myself attached to this book not because of the ‘road’ to the “Library” (by Malone and Sabre), but to the second and third fights.

Second being between Stephanie Nelie vs ‘I don’t know who to trussssssssttttttt’ (Brent Green? or Danny Daniels? or Larry Daley?, and the third fight was between Henrik Thorvaldsen vs Alfred Hermann. It was these two co-stories that had me glued to the book, I think this was Steve Berry 5th book and the second with Cotton Malone as the main character.

Like Star Wars, I have decided to move backward, I have just started ‘The Third Secret’ by the same author… looking forward to it, there is no doubt by year end I should have read all of his books (8 or them, and 5 had Cotton Malone as lead.

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