Saturday, March 7, 2009

Present from Mama

You woke up early again today, nothing new here I'd guess, as it is in your KPI  to make us as tired as you could :) There was a fantastic surprise waiting for me this morning… as it is my BD today. Your mother had bought me a grip for the new camera, totally out of blue, I had told her not to get me anything as we are saving to start a small business together, you’ll hear more on this later.

Usually she would buy me clothes, as I have no taste (accept when it comes to electronic gadgets, then I am a little SJ), so getting this grip was a total surprise… and she went such a long way to get it as well… :)

Talking about BD, next week it will be your mother’s BD, my mother’s BD and one of our close friend’s BD, all of them were born on the same day!

I have to go, I can hear you screaming downstairs… :)

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