Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh… What a Trip…

The plan was a simple one, ask the boss for the Friday off (Friday the 13th), then spend a nice and relaxing long weekend in Hua Hin  The packing started on Thursday evening… then it dawned on us “this trip won’t be as relaxing as it should be…” in fact it was NO WHERE NEAR… :)

IMG_6221 We had literally took half the house (the decision to buy a foldable cot was the right decision after all). By this time we were 2 hours late (the plan was to leave at eleven), so I was getting a little stroppy (your mother will say, ‘nothing new there’… )

Packing all that in the car would have made a great IQ exam! Fit it all in, we certainly did... “There was no way we could have forgotten anything” ran through my mind as I close the back door of the car… (remember these words).

‘Hua Hin’ is a very famous seaside town to the South of Bangkok (around 2 and a half hours by car), our beloved King has a palace there so the lifestyle and the community  is completely different than ‘Bang San’ (to the east of Bangkok).

The drive down was great, the sun was shining (the birds were singing), the road was pretty empty, you seemed to be enjoying the new scenery… It must have been around 16:00 when we arrived at ‘Sheraton Hua Hin’, your mother seemed to like the hotel (and that is how we judge the level of happiness in our family , if she is happy then you and I are happy… ok? get use to it :) )

DSC_0133 DSC_0137 We didn’t even bothered unpacking, our  first priority was to prepare your late afternoon snack… (oh what a mess that was).  

Dining with a view didn’t seem to make you eat any faster :) but your mother have all the patience in the world… I just couldn’t wait to take you out for a walk about!



We wanted you to have your first swim (more like a sit) in the sea straight away, but despite having taken half of the house on this trip, I had managed to forgot the detergent for your bottles!!!

So after your quick walk we had to go in to town, so no sitting in the sea  (the town was not more than 15 minutes away), while in town managed to find a nice restaurant on the edge of the town, boasting ‘Restaurant with the best view in Hua Hin’, and they could well be right… (no pics here, it was getting too dark). After the restaurant we had to rushed to the supermarket to get the detergent, then rushed back again to the Resort, we were rushing all the way as it was getting very late and you need to have your dinner before bath time.

It must have been the new surrounding or the sea air, but you just wouldn’t go to sleep… your mother and I was close to collapsing with exhaustion… but you were still smiling and screaming and smiling and shouting and NOT SLEEPING… WHY??? :)

The next day, we had decided not to go into town again, too much time was wasted in driving and certainly finding a parking space was a nightmare… After breakfast (another mess), we headed straight to the sea…




First real glimpse of the sea :)“A penny for your thought?”







DSC_0203 When this photo was taken (left), you were totally lost in your thought, gazing out to the horizon, no smile, no sound, no movement…

The sun was far too hot, and soon you made your way back to the resort for a quick dip in the huge pool. Then we went for a long walk along the beach, where you felt a sleep in my arms…




Our second night was as tiring as the first, you just wouldn’t go to sleep… it was well past midnight again before you started to calm down and eventually felt a sleep.

Our final day (not quite a full day as the plan was to check out at around 14:00), we only had a few things on our to-do list…. Breakfast, rest, back to the sea, a long swim in the pool, lunch and finally check out… :) 

DSC_0389 IMG_6255

As soon as we arrived home, my parents were here waiting to see you (not us), and we couldn’t be more glad for their help :)

Now that our first trip is out of the way, we are already planning for the second trip… we had even thought of going overseas… but looking back on this trip, I think we are going to be domestically bounded for a few more months yet :)


Love you

Mum and Dad.

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