Saturday, January 24, 2009

Your Mother + Huge Scissors = One Bad Hair Cut…

Lets start with an excuse… she only has your best interest at heart.

Your hair was a little long and one sunny afternoon she found a ‘HUGE’ pair scissors in the kitchen, picked it up, trotted over to you while you were playing, held you in a body lock that only the very best professional wrestler knows how… and here was the result…

SNC11016I think you would agree with me, it puts a whole new meaning to ‘short back and sides’… By the way she had apologised on her blog, you may wondering why I didn’t jumped in and use my kung-fu on her, well… I was at work… sorry.

Mark these words, ‘it will soon grow back’, trust me you’ll hear those words again and again because this is probably your very first bad hair cut, but it certainly won’t be your last… :)

Love you.

D & M

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