Saturday, January 31, 2009

Feeding the Fishes


Back to Putthamonthon again, as was mentioned earlier this Putthamonthon is rather HUGE, this time we bypassed the main point of interest and went to this very quiet area, next to the river, ‘Hor Jan’. This was one of the very first place your mother and I visited when we were started going out… oh, so many, many, many years ago… :)

Getting to Hor Jan is quite simple, the roads are all paved and relatively wide, however finding Hor Jan is a totally different story, there were no signs (anymore, we were sure there used to be) and it being almost next to the main exit meaning you had to drive right through Putthamonthon to get to it, I would not be surprised that many will give up, thinking they were heading the wrong way.


















DSC_0051As usual, we had left it rather late before setting out, nonetheless there were a good couple of hours of light left, the fishes were plenty. Your mother was a little upset though, as there was a person fishing very close to us, apart from being illegal and totally inappropriate as he was in a ‘temple’ area; ‘one must not kill’ is number one on all ‘Buddhist (like us)’  list of not what to do.

As you can see you were all wearing red (including me), as today was the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), wearing red will bring you good luck for the rest of the year (lets hope that comes true), so everyone was wearing red today which makes a very strange sight indeed.

DSC_0015Another custom that you’ll love is the ‘Ang Pao’, this is where the elder gives money in red envelopes to the children, and for your first year you had hit gold (about 7,000 bahts). Personally I don’t remember much of this Ang Pao custom, as I was always in England for the Chinese New Year, meaning you grandmother enjoyed my Ang Pao every year, just like your mother is now ‘enjoying’ your Ang Pao this year… haa haa haa, get use to it :)

Love you

M & D

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