Thursday, July 17, 2008

17.07.2008 Going back to Work

This coming Monday your mother is going back to work after 2 months off (to look after you). Her company is in real trouble at the moment, so she has been eager to get back.

So we've been working on the logistic, because we have to leave you with my parents while we are at work, when you are old enough you'll notice that Bangkok traffic is absolutely terrible. We have already had a couple of test run, not too bad so far.

IMG_1745So no more afternoon nap like this until the weekend... haa haa haa haa haa.

By the way you have been making funny sounds for the past couple of weeks, we haven't got a clue what you are trying to tell us, I've been trying to record it, so far without much success.

You seem to be doing new things everyday, oohh aarrring, smiling, laughing, and pooing more everyday!

I am thinking of leaving my job, it has already been 3 years and it is really the time to move on, so wish me luck... :)



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