Friday, October 14, 2011

Marcella, you are such a mover :)

Pic from: Marcella,

Your mother had a Dr. appointment earlier on this week (11.10.11), unfortunately he didn’t do the ultrasound this time so it was just a normal physical check up. I managed to arrive late but luckily didn’t miss anything important this time, the Dr. said you have already turned, so your head is now South instead of North (that is the politest way I can put it, lol), so it won’t be long now (yippp pppeee).

If you ask your mother what is the one thing she remembers when she was carrying you, I have no doubt she will say that you were a beautiful dancer, forever moving that way and this.

Sometimes while you turn you’ll hit a sensitive spot that makes her wince, and every time that happens, almost always everyone in the same room would jump, although she was in discomfort she would always have a huge smile on her face :) Tonight I’ll try to catch you on film when you decide to have your little dance.

Lots of love,


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