Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dress Rehearsal :)

Dear Marchella,

First thing first, I did get your name wrong like I said I would, your mother corrected me as soon as I had posted the last post, sorry :) We are still debating on your real name, there are a few options but nothing final until we hold you in our arms.

IMG-20111006-001s71A very good friend of ours, Khun K (her son is one of your brother’s best friend since Noddy and now they are in the same class at Shrewsbury, and that was how faith brought us together), she gave us some great advice on how to prepare your brother for your arrival. Right now all of our attentions are focused on Matt, and there is a strong possibility that he will feel left out as most of our attention will now be on you :) So she had suggested that we do some dress rehearsal for Matt, she was so, so kind  and got us our very own ‘Mini Marchella’, haa haa haa.

So last evening, for the very first time we unveiled ‘Mini Marchella’ to Matt, up to this point he had already been kissing you goodnight every night, bring you a glass of water every evening and even asked me to say a pray for you, so when we showed him your ‘Mini Marchella’ he was so excited, all of us practiced giving you a bath, giving you milk even cleaning you up after you have used your potty :)

Well we can never tell how our family dynamic will change, but there is one thing we are very certain about, and that is we can not wait to see you, to give you a real bath, even cleaning you up after your potty would be a joy :) See you soon.


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