Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Conversations: Matt and us.

Matt:     “I need go to the toilet”.
Gio:      “Ok, what do you need to do?” (meaning number 1 or number 2)
Matt:     “I want mix pee pee and poo poo together Mama”.
Gio:      lol :)


It was time to leave for school...

Me:      “Come on Matt, time to go we are late”.
Matt:    “Ok Papa (in a loud voice)”.

(Gio follows behind us)

Matt:    “Mama you stay”.
Gio:     “Why baby, can’t I come?”
Matt:    “No Mama, you are too big! You stay!”
Gio:     lol :)
Me:      [Laying dead on the floor :)]

(Gio is now eight and a bit months)

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