Saturday, July 28, 2018

Unexpected Grand Day Out

Dear Matt and Mar,

[27.07.18] Today is the first day of an extra long weekend (4 days), a few weeks ago we all (including my parents) were set for an epic road trip, which would take us all the way up to Sukhothai... but this time it was my turn to spoil the plan.

Unfortunately I’ll have to fly to Indonesia on the Sunday, and won’t now be back until the middle of the next week, so instead, tomorrow we are all going on a one day trip to Saraburi, I am sure your grandmother have something up here sleeves, haa haa haa.

As for today, absolutely nothing was on the card, in fact the night before I had suggested the Rattanakosin Museum (which I adore), but your mother shot that down like a 12 bore shotgun to a Robin’s tiny head from 6 inches away. Instead we were going to go to ‘Bang Kachao’, or to ‘Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical’. The last time we were here (a billion years ago) the visit was just a little flat! May be because we didn’t bring our bikes so at least 70% of the park was left unexplored.



This time we were ready to have some fun! But as we approach the park a few speckle of rain began to hit the van’s windscreen... Oh... but we carried on, as the sky didn’t look that bad... luckily by the time we parked there was nothing but an overcast sky, which was perfect, the last thing we needed was neither Sunshine nor Rain.

Decided to take a test run with the new cam too... to be honest, it is a great camera, but unfortunately my brain was a running on 1 cylinder instead of the usual V12, haa haa haa. Now after looking at a couple of hundreds of photos shot today, with it hit the mark the quality was breathtaking, it left the old camera in the dust somewhere in Pluto. But when it didn’t, for example out of focus, blurred photos and so on, well when it didn’t hit the mark it was my fault.

Why I had left the camera on A, instead of S when you were all cycling was a bit mental, haa haa haa, anyway, still fumbling around with a few important buttons, give me a couple more sessions I think I should have them all nailed down.


Back to the day, we took your bicycles and hired one for your mother, it came with a basket and a rear seat, and by the mid afternoon both were indispensable. It was a fantastic riding along the trail, at first I was the only person on foot, then your mother took to her rear seat and I was the main and only engine, haa haa haa. Then Mar had enough, so she changed places with your mother, but Mar’s bike’s rear tire became flat when your mother sat on it, haa haa haa haa, so Matt was now on Mar’s bike, your mother was on Matt’s and I and Mar was on your mother’s bike… now I am confused, all that matter was we all had great fun.


Soon the watch ran past one, and it was time for lunch, instead of heading home, we frantically searched on Google Map for our choices of restaurant, and again your mother picked a great one, haa haa haa. The reason for this extra long weekend was because today is Arsaraha bucha day (one of the most important day in Buddhist Calendar), so before going home we took to the temple, which by chance sitting next to the temple was a huge market :-) it was so big we all got lost (for a bit) but none of us were complaining because there were just too many things to see, to eat and to play. By the time my watch showed 15:00 it was time to come home…

For a day we didn’t think much of, it turned out to be an utterly fantastic day :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Must try harder, lol.

Dear Matt and Mar,

I definitely have a Tripod problem, the problem being I don’t use them at all, just could not be arse to carry one around. Before our trip to Korea at the end of 2017, for the first time I’d went out and finally got us a reasonable tripod, with the full intention of taking more family photos in Seoul (before that I have had several (free) tripods but never seriously used them).

8324522539467Well, intention was well and good, but when it came to our trip in Korea, the tripod stayed warm and cosy in our hotel room, haa haa haa. The weather was super cold and to be carrying a tripod as well as all the other stuff in freezing cold weather was just too much of a pain lol.

So, as we are now preparing to travel to Beijing, last night I took a look at the Tripod and I stood there for quite a while (like a mad person) debating in my head, ‘take it or leave it’, haa haa haa. Well, it will be a ‘take it’, worst case I’ll just ask Matt to carry it haa haa haa.

The camera bag I plan to use, does have a place for a Tripod, but it is just too cumbersome, the tripod would sit straight up (which is a good thing) in the side pocket (with strap for stability), but the backpack then become unstable and a pain to carry. Ideally I would like to have the tripod sitting up straight in the middle of the bag, and the best hack for that is to use a carabiner on the top strap (come handle), then hang the tripod off that carabiner, perfect! Well, not really sure how much the tripod would swing from side to side once I started walking... haa haa haa, will try it out this evening at home.

--- ------ ---------
Eeeerrrr, no, it didn’t work haa haa haa, because the tripod has a bit of weight behind it, it kind a crush the top of the rucksack and it just look weird, lol. It’s not heavy I’ll just carry it.

Test balcony-00100Anyway, as long as the tripod was out, I decided to do the usual shot from the balcony, and wow... I must have taken this shot a million time, but none have been this sharp, of course partly because this is a new camera with updated magic, but to be honest I feel most of the credit must go to the Tripod, lol, the usual resting the camera on the railing just doesn’t cut it anymore, haa haa haa.

This just convinces me even more, will definitely put in the extra effort and will carry this three legged thing around lol.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Green Eggs and Ham :-)

20180722_081758-BetaDear Matt and Mar,

Now your mother is following me with a fast in the morning, but that doesn’t mean it stops her from making you the most scrumptious breakfast! This is by far your favourite, your mother calls it “Green Eggs and Ham”, haa haa haa.

Green egg is a huge omelet stuffed with saute green spinach, hence the ‘green’ in the eggs :-) As for Ham, thinly sliced parma ham as is, haa haa haa.

Carbohydrates are mainly from rice, well, this being your mother, it isn’t just ‘rice’, more like a combination of superfoods, haa haa haa, Riceberry + Barley Rice + Job’s tears + Quinoa. Also, as you can see, your mother’s breakfast would not be complete without some salads or vegetables :-)

Can you two imagine me sitting next to you, having nothing but a large cup of coffee whilst you two scoff down this super delicious breakfast, haa haa haa, well we all have our goal which we want to achieve , and my will is super strong (sometimes)... haa haa haa, as long as you don’t put marshmallow in front of my face... haa haa haa.

I accuse…


Dear Matt and Mar,

Our Sunday morning’s routine has changed slightly, Mar would now have her ice skating lesson, and instead of all of us joining her, Matt and I now stay at home. Once all the chores are done, and it was done quickly (haa haa haa) because we just wanted to get to our board game.

For moment, one of our favourite (but it won’t be our favourite anymore if I don’t start winning, haa haa haa) is Cluedo, since we got the game we must have played well over 30 games (both with just Matt and I or with all of us together). In those 30 games I can count on one finger the amount of game I’d won, haa haa haa.

I can’t wait for Mar to be a little older to join in, with 4 of us playing there will be some serious laughing going on… haa haa haa.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Almond bread… haa haa haa.

MCL breadsticks-00083

Dear Matt and Mar,

[24.07.18] For some unknown reasons, your mother is back :-) one can tell she had been missing her baking session quite a bit, since the both of us have decided to cut down on carb, it was a little pointless to be baking… that is until this weekend.

A few days back, your mother stumbled low carb bread, haa haa haa, instead of using flour, the recipe uses Almond flour and on the same day that she’d found the recipe, in the same afternoon she went out and got all the ingredients.

Just before I go on, these breadsticks that you see Mar making, was certainly NOT low carb, haa haa haa, but they were super delicious, lol.

Up to today, she had tried 2 recipes for Almond flour bread, and to be honest I think they were superb, the texture is more like cake than bread (haa haa haa), and the taste is definitely more ‘eggy’, not surprisingly I saw 7 eggs in one of the recipe. I am certainly not complaining, it’s the closest thing to bread I have had for quite a while, haa haa haa.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

It’s time :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[05.06.2018] Finally it is that time... haa haa haa, my only real vice is probably my camera, and I have done well not to purchase every iteration of the new models. My current tools being the Sony A7 and Olympus TG-5, before this was the Nex 5 (original) and TG-3. Not sure if you can spot the pattern? When I can (and in control, haa haa haa) I always skip a generation of iteration, example TG-3 to TG-5... and so finally the time is for me to retire the A7 :-)

Just had a thought, the only reason I had moved into the Sony (camera) camp was because our house got burgled, still a little miffed thinking about it, they took the Nikon 90D (cry) and my favourite camera bag (cry harder), haa haa haa, and a few more stuff too (basta#d$).

Been putting something aside now and then just for this, haa haa haa, at first I was having real second thought, as it wasn’t cheap just for a hobby, but I think as you two get older and older, I am going to have less and less chance to take photos of you two :-)

It always annoy me after getting a new camera, to run around and get all the smaller accessories, from screen protectors and so on. So this time being very proactive, I have decided to shop around (online) for the smaller accessories first, haa haa haa, wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up not getting the A7iii after all.

So the accessories are coming, as soon as all of them arrive then I think it would be time to make the jump. I am also thinking of the up and coming Summer holiday, we are planning to take you two to China, I am thinking of spending a few days in Beijing and then take a domestic flight to Shaanxi province, to see the terracotta warriors, it has always been on my to visit list :-)

Haa haa haa, it does sounds like I am just building excuses to get it aren’t I, haa haa haa.

Better late than never :-)
--- ------ ---------
20180721_205744-01[22.08.18] So good buy my old pal, do enjoy your much deserved retirement, it has been a fantastic 4+ years, I do promise to pop in from time to time to see how you are, certainly there will be time I could use your help and I just know you’ll be up to the task, I know you’ll never let me down :-)

20180722_083801-01Finally got it yesterday, haa haa haa, I was on the fence for the longest time :-) but as the clock was ticking down to our trip, this weekend was really the last opportunity, and I took the jump (who was I kidding :-)).

Took less than 30 minutes to set up all the buttons, there were a few functions that was new to me, but it was easier enough understand. I have a business trip coming up in IDN, may be I’ll take there for a test run :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

And it was all over, England did well though :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[16.07.18] For the past month or so the World (or some of it) have been gripped by the FIFA World Cup event in Russia, but not so much for your mother though, unfortunately (I am still sniggering about it) Italy didn’t qualify for the final 32 teams :-)

P7080359For me this World Cup was the ‘fall of giants’, none of them made it to the semifinal, the four teams that made it were, France, Belgium, England and Croatia... who would have thought that! Germany came last at the group stage, Brazil lost to  Belgium in the quarterfinal, Spain lost to Russia after a penalty shoot out during the final 16.

This year France was eventually the Champion, after a few matches during the group stage, France was in many pundits’ mind as one of the favourite, and it was quite obvious. I was really hoping for France Vs England for the final, but that was not to be, lol.

England managed to break their penalty shootout curse though, beating Columbia after extra time, that game was fantastic, England went one up at the 57th minute, and kept it the lead until the 90+3 minutes of the game!!!

So on to the next big thing, to my close friends and I, the even bigger tournament is only 12 months away in Japan. For us it was all about the Rugby World Cup! A couple of ‘Six Nations’ ago, in my mind England was by far the favourite. But during the past twelve months or so, their performance have not been so hot, well lets hope that will soon change haa haa haa haa haa.

By the way the photo was from Matt’s two weeks camp in SG, no idea who took it for him. I am still a little miffed at him though, after being told many times, he had managed to lose the camera cable :-) If he had lost the mobile charging cable I would have laughed it off, I think we had at least a couple of billion of those, haa haa haa.

Friday, July 20, 2018

A quiet house :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[02.07.18] Leading up to the end of term your mother had enrolled Matt on a 2 weeks camp in Singapore, since Matt would be leaving only 2 days after the term ends meant lot of things had to be done.

So yesterday Matt left with eight others, and knock on wood, so far so good :-) On the same evening that Matt had left, one of Matt and Mar closest friend was spending her last night in Thailand as her and her family were moving for good back to Spain.

3268153As we are living in the same apartment building, Mar was allowed to have her first night ever away (well, it was after all still in the same building, lol) and had her sleep over at Sofia’s. Sofia and her family will be greatly missed, we have known Sofia and her family for the past 6 years, and you three have become great and close friend, apart from living in the same apartment building, Matt and Sofia have been classmate for the past 4 years too. All of you (and other friends) would meet virtually everyday at 18:00 to play.

For the first time, this night both of you were not in the house... and the World cup was on :-)

One week gone :-)
--- ------ ---------
[10.07.18] Well over a week had gone since Matt and others left for SG, and I must say, all the other children continuously send ‘Line’ message to their parents, but Matt, it was like he was on some kind of secret mission, keeping himself so much under the radar that it was frightening at times, haa haa haa.

Each day the accompany teacher (Thai) would upload photos, so at least we can see you laugh and smile, haa haa haa. But the trip so far (after a week or so) had several drama, to begin with some of the children wanted to come home with less than twenty four hour after arrival, lol, they just needed some time to adjust. I am glad to say after the first day things got better, haa haa haa.

Matt in SG-333739Matt in SG-334149Matt in SG-8232142533953Matt in SG-8236874191449

Last evening’s drama was all about money, a sizeable amount had gone missing, Matt was staying in a different room but nonetheless all children had to be questioned, and I do believe the police was also involved. Things got pretty serious when your mother was told that all the children had to go to the police station, luckily it was resolved and no trip was needed.

In four days Matt would be back, and we all can not wait, Mar is missing her brother terribly haa haa haa and so do we :-)

Friday, July 13, 2018

I like / Ascott Beijing :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[13.07.18] We are now (almost) two weeks into your summer holiday, Matt has spent (almost) the last two weeks in SG, and will be coming back this coming Saturday (we all can’t wait to see him), Mar has been ice skating non-stop, haa haa haa and by the look of it, so far you two are having a great holiday.

Even before the end of the school year, your mother and I were discussing on where we should take our trip this year. After a while we ended up with Beijing, instead of somewhere with yet another amusement park or water park.

Your mother and I split jobs, I have been assigned the task of finding accommodation and your mother took care of the flight (her specialty, haa haa haa). So at the end of last month I went onto and had a look around, my priority was the location and price of course :-).

ascott-beijing-enEventually we’d found just the right place, Ascott Beijing, of course immediately I’d jumped in and made the booking, choosing the option where we could not cancel (much better value). Of course a day later after the booking were made, we’d found out that we had to change the dates of stay, haa haa haa.

If we had stuck with the original dates, you two would have missed about 3 days of school, and that just wouldn’t be right. Changing the travel dates have more implications than just changing the flights and hotel, it also has to do with the time we’d asked for leave from our workplaces, but that was an easy task.


Let’s pick up the story on when we realised we had to change  the hotel booking. Your mother and I agreed on the new dates and so I went online and did the change dates request within, it was a simple enough process, but we had to wait for the feedback from Ascott Beijing... ... ... Then your mother shouted across the apartment, that the flight cost would be more than doubled, so we had to change the dates yet again! Haa haa haa.

This I’d waited until your mother found the right flights (with only 8,000 THB change fee, that was already painful enough), now it was my turn to change the hotel dates for the second time, but when I went into it was not possible as the first ‘date change’ request was being processed, haa haa haa.

I was ever so worried that the room would not be available on the newer dates, I’d frantically searched for the hotel’s contact email, and sent a message to them directly, asking them to forget the date change request submitted through and that we now wanted a newer dates of stay... haa haa haa.

Of course that was done at midnight, so there would be no reply until the following day. Ascott Beijing was super professional, they wrote back first thing in the morning to confirm our ‘newer’ dates and that we should contact to update the changes in their system (and this is why I’ll keep coming back to Ascott).

booking_logoAnd here is why I’ll certainly keep coming back to too. It was a surprise that the call center number started with +44, as that is a UK number, anyhow, I gave the number a call expecting the worst of experience, but as it turned out it was I was treated superbly.

After giving the nice lady my booking number, she had all the information at hand, she realised that I had already submitted a dates change request, then I told her that the request was out of date and I already have confirmation from the hotel for the ‘newer’ dates.

She politely asked me to hang onto the line, whilst she contact Ascott Beijing, now I certainly was not expecting that. I was expecting, “let me check and we’ll get back to you”, so that was beyond my expectation, which earned them a huge brownie point :-)

After a while the call waiting clicked and it was the nice lady again (forgot her name), she confirmed that Ascott Beijing had already updated their system with our preferred dates of stay, and so she can now update the information in

About 5 seconds later she asked if I have received 2 emails, which I eventually did and that was it, all the systems have been updated and that was that :-) All in all it took less than 10 minutes.

So you two, get ready for a week of culture and new experiences :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

After seven years :-)


[10.07.2018] Your grandmother had been wanting a new notebook for a while, but for some reasons I just didn’t get round to it, well that was until a couple of weeks ago. While Mar was busy with her ice skating class and Matt was in SG, I had a couple of hours just to roam around :-)

I am a little crazy when it comes to tech shopping, the amount of research I have to do is just not normal, haa haa haa, but for your grandmother’s notebook it was a rather simple task, hardware design and colour ranked higher than performance, haa haa haa.

The experience.

It took literally less than 15 minutes, decided to go with an Asus this time, as this model had just been released (red colour too), and the price was very agreeable :-). In fact the experience was so good that I thought it was also time for myself to upgrade too.

Took the Red notebook home and stuck it in the cupboard for a week, lol. The following weekend we were back in the same shopping mall and this time it was my turn.

I have had my Lenovo for well over seven years (even before Mar was born), although it still runs perfectly (kind of, the battery died about 2 years ago and for a while it was suffering from continuous Blue Screen of death but I stuck with it). However, with modern softwares it was running awfully slow, the ports were also very dated and very slow, I had more than enough time to build three RMS Titanics when transferring large files, haa haa haa.

My most used software (I think we call it Apps now) is Lightroom, which isn’t very resources hungry, but when it comes to editing and moving files, it was just becoming too unbearable, for every, even the smallest of edit, each action had to be waited before seeing the results, it was like using computer in the 80’s, haa haa haa.

For the longest time I was teetering on once again building a new desktop (what a fun project that would have been), but as I have began to put the component list together it looked like I was putting together an PC for NASA, haa haa haa.

So back to the notebook, the experience of setting up the Red notebook was like a walk in a park on a Sunny day. Windows 10 was already installed as well as all the drivers, so with less than 10 minutes the machine was up and running, in fact I did all the setting up at the store (using hotspot from my phone).

This time it took slightly longer than 15 minutes to choose my own, lol, eventually managed to find one that fits all of what I was looking for, not the most speediest of machine but more than capable to last me for another 5 years, haa haa haa.

Holy cra%, forgot the password!

As soon as I got home, I went to the cupboard and took out your grandmother’s Red notebook to carry on with the rest of the setting up (small stuff put in all the bookmarks on Chrome and so on), but believe it or not I FORGOT the password that I had set when I was at the store!

You two would not believe how angry I was with myself... like most, we all have a set of passwords we use, well unlike most, my list is rather a long one and always with slight changes... It was like ‘farming’ for coins in games, I began to start the long haul (without much hope), with each password tried I would write it down.

After the longest while, I must have tried well over fifty without success, it was time just to call it a day and do a factory resetting, the experience of this was also a great one, with only a few combination of button pushing, the Red notebook was left to its own devices to reset.

Forty minutes later the Red notebook was ready to start again :-) the 40+ minutes wait was not wasted though, as it was spent cleaning out my old notebook (de-authorised various apps and so on) as well as setting up the new one.

Luckily for me, I have multiple copies of my essential data, one in the old notebook and 2 copies on different external hard-drives, the photos and multimedia libraries were already on the external hard-drives. So at the end of the day no terabytes of data were needed to be transfer to the new notebook, saving about a billion hours, haa haa haa. And in moving forward I am not going to keep any data on the notebook instead will be working off the external hard-drives, this will make it so much easier when moving to a new machine in the future.

All done.

All in all I think it was all done in around four hours, haa haa haa, well, it took so long because the World Cup was also on the telly, haa haa haa, the new notebook handle lightroom like a dream, although deep down I wished I had build a new desktop though, haa haa haa.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Road to OMAD

IMG_20180705_194128Dear Matt and Mar,

[25.05.2018] This week would be the first full (work) week that I have managed to stick to OMAD plan, so what is OMAD? The acronym explains itself, One Meal A Day, it is only a variation of intermittent fasting, 23:1, 23 hours of fasting and 1 hour of feeding window.

The previous week I had managed only 3 out of 5 days (work week), had a couple of meetings outside the office so lunch was unavoidable :-), I am focusing on work week only because during the weekend, skipping breakfast was simple enough, but skipping lunch was impossible, haa haa haa.

So how did I get here, well as you know this whole healthy living (haa haa haa) started back in August 16, at first it was just the normal cutting out the carbs and just like last time (2003) it worked wonder, after a short time gym was added to the mix.

After being away from the gym (actually from all form of exercise, haa haa haa) for over two decades (perhaps even more than that) a little research was necessary, how much to lift, how many reps, sets, techniques and so on, the wealth of information was endless.

However, the same topic kept coming up and up, the topic of eating plan, and then I found ‘Intermittent fasting’, it was a simple enough method, then it was 18 and 6, fast for 18 hours and eat during a 6 hours window. What this meant was no breakfast and delay lunch until 15:00, then supper again at 19:00.

At first it was a struggle, at that time my office was at Central World, although finding things to eat was simple enough, but the timing threw me off whack a little, then I change job, this new place was a little bit more difficult to find the kind of food I was looking for (salads and etc.), but by this time keeping to a very late lunch schedule was easier to manage. Then there was a huge relapse, instead of having lunch at 15:00, I’d found myself more than often having lunch between 13:00 and 14:00.

Now, only a three or four weeks ago, I came across 23:1, funnily enough, doing 23 and 1 isn’t really for weight loss, but for health benefits (growth hormone, low insulin and so on), and so I decided to give it a go. Finally I’ve found a eating plan that I really liked, I have decided to keep my only meal still very low in carbs, and try to make up for the remain calories with proteins, and it is doing wonder.

Believe it or not, with time the hungry pangs were really a non issue, I mean it was never painful, and with plenty of fluid I never got the shake. Hungry pang came three times a day, around 09:00, then around 13:00, and last one around 18:00, and each time it lasts no longer than ten to fifteen minutes, having either black coffee or black tea usually resolves the pang in a jiffy.

The really stubborn fat, mostly around the lower midriff and back is slowly disappearing, definition is slowly improving, and there is no feeling of needing to binge, finally I think I’ve found something I can stick to in the long run, lol.

[05.06.18] Wow, that was a tough week for OMAD, coming off a short break in Cha-am, where not only breakfast and lunch was had, but it was full of carb, haa haa haa. So the first day back on OMAD was really tough especially during the morning, but after two days it was all back to normal.

Another interesting development is when it comes to the evening feeding time, I just don’t have enough appetite to consume all that was needed, this was totally unexpected. Only last evening, after carefully composing the food on my plate, it was a real struggle to finish it, haa haa haa.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Becoming Head Boy (Junior School) :-)

davDear Matt and Mar,

[26.06.18] Wowww, that was a surprise! This being the final week of the school year, and a couple of weeks ago we found a note in Matt’s bag, his name was being put forward to be chosen as Head Boy (Juniour School), with that alone we were already over the moon.

Truth be told, both of you don’t tell us much on what is going on in school, of course both your mother and I would always ask, and the answers were all the same, ‘Yes, Excellent, Great’, haa haa haa. I don’t think Matt was going to tell us about this unless we’d asked him about the note, lol.

A few days ago, all the candidates were being interviewed by a committee, we couldn’t really tell if Matt was nervous, but Matt was certainly excited and looking forward to the interview. That evening, the first thing I’d asked as soon as I arrived home from work was how the Interview went... ‘Yes, Excellent, Great’... haa haa haa, and that was the end of that! Behind the scene, your mother gave Matt a good (positive) grilling on the interview… haa haa haa, and she got loads of information… lol.

A few days later, one of Matt’s friend’s mother (well, that was a bit of a mouthful) called up your mother to congratulate her on Matt being chosen as Head Boy for the Juniour School... initially your mother was still a little apprehensive and wasn’t entirely sure, by the time the evening came, I have never seen your mother this happy, not even on our wedding day, lol.

Well done Matt, us three could not have been more proud of you, and to add to that, as an icing on the cake, both of your school report were excellent too!

Another Business Trip, Loei Province.

collageDear Matt and Mar,

A few weeks ago, I was on the road again for a short business trip to Loei, wow, what a wonderful province. Loei sits on the very top of the North-East Region, and in the winter it supposes to be one of the coldest place in Thailand lol (by ‘coldest’ I mean more like UK Summer, haa haa haa).

As planned, all the work was completed on the first day, the second day was nothing but to wait for the noon flight back to DMK (Donmuang Airport) and then back to the office for another meeting.

Being a noon flight, we had managed to squeeze in a side trip into one of the hill, to ‘Phra Bhutto’ (pronounce Phra Put Tow) before having to go to Loei Airport (LOE) :-)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Not high enough? :-)

IMG_20180526_111625_1-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[26.05.18] I have been very fortunate to have had several opportunities to work for many great companies, and with many great bosses. Each company have left a very long lasting imprint on how I work as well as my mind set.

I have now been with BlueScope for almost a year, and among many great learnings, this company have transformed how I see ‘safety’, from being an utmost lowest priority to the top of my list, haa haa haa.

Because at its heart, BlueScope is a World class and leading coated steel manufacturer, running several plants across the globe, and being in the steel industry, having to work with huge and dangerous machineries, it was not a surprise that ‘safety’ is their number one priority. That has also transferred to the office where I work.

Just a couple of examples, I can not walk down or up the stairs without holding the handrail, haa haa haa, also we are not allow to use one of those knife cutter thingy, only scissors are allowed in the office, lol. This safety mindset is a good thing though, I now find myself putting on seat belt whilst sitting at the back of a car.

Came across this pickup truck on our drive to Cha-am (just had a though, taking photos whilst driving was definitely not the right thing to do, next time will get you two to take it). Sadly this is probably one of a better example, where the stacks are neatly done, with some thinly roping too.

In Thailand, we are a pickup country, where the majority of the vehicle sold are mostly these one ton pickups, but I have seen several cases where they were carrying way over the capacity, to the point that the front wheels were lifting up off the floor, lol.

In this case it was like a dream to be seeing this stack absolutely flying down the highway towards Huahin, haa haa haa, not sure if he/she could have stacked it higher though, haa haa haa.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Another (Interesting) business trip, KL :-)

IMG_20180606_104040-01Dear Matt and Mar,

[06.06.2018] A couple of interesting things on today’s flight from BKK to KUL. For the first time I feel that I am on to the next level with my eating plan, because for the first time in my entire life I’d passed on the inflight meal! Haa haa haa.

I must admit, I must be in the minority when it comes to inflight meals, I absolutely love them, haa haa haa, I can never get enough of them, even if they had already given me five meals, I would ask for my sixth for sure, haa haa haa.

Believe me it wasn’t easy, lol, my thoughts was on the subject of should I, should I not as soon as I had boarded the blooming plane, after using visualisation technique (haa haa haa) it all became rather relatively easy to say no thank you.
Now with all that palaver out of the way, it was time to do my most second favourite thing on a plane, I get to watch a film, lol, but that didn’t come easily either.

Flicked on the screen, pushed a few buttons and all seemed to be in working order, a film was chosen and play button was pressed... but then film didn’t run, but the radio came on instead, haa haa haa. There is a famous saying, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’, so I certainly was becoming very ‘insane’... haa haa haa.

It ended up with the flight attendant having to reset the whole system a couple of times, but by then it was almost time to land, haa haa haa. Never mind, at least I have time to write up this little post on the phone.

It is now 21:30, somehow managed to stick to OMAD plan today. I had Landed in KUL around noon-ish, it had turned 13:00 ish when a colleague from Indonesia and I were in the car. The clock chimed 14:00 by the time we all sat down in the meeting room, food was there for our late lunch, so it was easy for me to pass on that, lol.

Dinner was great fun, but we all ended up chatting about work, haa haa haa, and in a blink of an eye, it had already gone 21:00, which was a shame as the hotel’s fitness centre opens until 22:00, there was no I way I was going to make it tonight, but for sure I’ll be there at 06:00 when it opens, lol.