Sunday, February 11, 2018

Lhong 1919, unexpected fun :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

[Nov. 2017] I think this was back in November of last year too, Lhong 1919 is the latest riverside development, reclaimed from old warehouses and shrine (dating back to King Rama IV (1851 - 1868), their strategy was to kept the original style and mix in with the modern lifestyle shops (mix used), from co-working space, restaurant, cafe and so on.

The only reason we were here because my parents were here only a day earlier, and they said it was quite interesting, plus the location is on the route to our home, it was no harm in trying to pop in... and we weren’t disappointed :-)


At the start it was a bit of a touch and go, as usual for any new places in BKK, the amount of people was overwhelming, of course my only concern was parking, we weren’t that desperate to visit this place, so if there was no parking space we were going to head home.

The car park was as expected, full to the brim, we (actually, I) wanted to leave as soon as I saw the queue leading into the carpark, but the road was too small for one of my perfect 3 point turn, lol, so ended up having to go into the carpark just to turn around. Just by luck, as we were making our way around the carpark, one of the vehicle pulled out :-)


I was so glad we had the opportunity to come here, although the development wasn’t quite finished yet but we still had great fun, at the end I could see it being a place one can take one’s overseas guest for dinner, although can’t comment if the restaurants there were any good though :-).

Monday, February 5, 2018

Loy Kratong 2017 :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Sorry, haa haa haa, should have written this post about 3 months ago, I am slowly going through the photos library lol. At the rate I am going, I should be able to catch up all of 2017 posts by around 2019, haa haa haa.

Loy Kratong 2017[Nov. 2017] This was Loy Kratong, of course the whole day the whole school was in high spirit. Personally at the beginning of the day, I had no intention whatsoever to Loy Kratong (a literal translation is ‘Float a float/basket’, haa haa haa), the custom is a really good one, you are suppose to let go of your hatred, worries and fears and let it float away down the river.

You’ll grow up to find out, I am not so fixated on customs and traditions (I do try my best though, lol), especially this time, your mother was on a business trip in SG and so with one less pair of hands I was more than less keen, lol. Loy Kratong would also have meant an almost impossible task finding a parking spot, but that was solved now that we have a driver.

By some miracle I was also home at a reasonable time, haa haa haa haa, Mar was already by the door with her handmade kratong (from school) in hand, Matt was also looking forward to go… of course I could always rolled supper and breakfast together into one and eat it the next day, haa haa haa.

Another great coincidence, the drive took us to another temple (not the one we usually go to), and it was brilliant! The organiser was top class, and they had to be, because to get close to the river the people (huge crowd) had to go on a floating pier and it was bobbing badly, haa haa haa, much to our delight :-)

Instead of heading home straight away, we took our time to enjoy the various activities around the temple, it turned out to be a fantastic evening, thanks to you two for convincing me to go after all, haa haa haa.