Sunday, November 19, 2017

All alone in Phuket, lol.

001Dear Matt and Mar,

I can not believe this was over 4 months ago! I am so far behind on my postings and to add into the mix, Matt and I had just started Uncharted 4, and I am totally falling in love with The Last of Us (again for the 4th time)…

Back in early July 2017, as the final term was coming to a close, many parents were discussing various activities for their child / children, your mother was alerted to a summer camp in Phuket and she couldn’t signed you on soon enough, haa haa haa, Matt would be spending 2 weeks in Phuket, luckily Otto and a couple more from SHB would also be joining, at least some familiar faces will be around, lol.

You know me, Mr. Preparation... the first thing that came into my head was ‘communication’, on the weekend before you fly we all went out and got you your first mobile phone and sim, haa haa haa, watching you choosing your own number was a laugh, lol, and it took forever. The camp had a policy that they would keep the phone and would only allow the kids to have it only for a couple of hours per day (which later we found were not quite fully enforced, haa haa haa). Second thing was a camera, one must be taken to record all the fun time you had, haa haa haa, and the best choice was the old Olympus TG3 tough camera (waterproof and, (kind of) drop-proof)

In a rather short period of time Matt had to learn how to use Line (by far most popular messaging app. in Thailand), how to charge and the various phone’s and camera’s etiquettes. Overall it didn’t take anytime at all, haa haa haa haa.

Your mother and Mar flew down with Matt (also with other parents) and hand delivered you to the camp (she really wanted to inspect the camp first hand), lol, and to make it doubly sure, she also stayed there over the weekend as well, lol.

On the first night, your mother and I waited by the phone, we had created a group chat for the three of us... eventually your message popped up... hoooorraaayyy, we then switched to VDO chat for a while, and that was fun, you had settled down nicely.

As days went by, Matt was having so much fun the VDO chat got less and less and less, haa haa haa haa haa, your mother was fuming lol, and in no time 2 weeks had gone, instead of letting Matt fly back alone, your mother once again flew down to pick Matt up... I certainly was glad to hold you again, and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of horror photos you had taken on the camera I gave you. (Now with hindsight, you took over 300 photos… and all I could show is one wooden parrot head, and a photo of you (probably wearing the wrong shirt, haa haa haa haa haa).

Friday, November 17, 2017

Student Council :-)

IMG_20171006_065441Dear Matt & Mar,

Since year 3 Matt has always put himself forward to be a part of student council, one child from each class would be picked to represent the class on the council for that year. From what I can gather, the process at the beginning of the year is quite simple, each child (who wants to represent the class) would put his/her name forward and would have to make a short presentation to the class. His/her peers would be the one who select the class representation.

I think more than half had put their name forward this year, and according to Matt everyone made a great presentation, and as always Matt presentation was on the lighter side, haa haa haa, many presentations touched on the subject of food, game equipment and so on, but for Matt had ended his presentation on ‘decreasing the school hours’, haa haa haa, no wonder he was chosen, haa haa haa.

Then came another surprise... immediately after we’d found out that Matt was chosen, Mar told us that she is also representing her class on the council, of course we just thought she was only copying what her brother had said... but the very next day we had the greatest surprise, for Mar was also chosen by here peers to be on the council lol !!! So one Student Council badge each… who would have thought… lol, we are ever so proud, :-) [Oct. 2017].

ZANOOK Wake Park

1507462085671Dear Matt and Mar,

Finally we made it, the last time we were here it was to celebrate Cookie and Cream BD (Twins of Uncle Mai and Aunt Ann) and that must have been around April of this year (wow, not just realised that was a long time...). You two had so much fun with the water obstacles (actually, I think I had the most fun of all) haa haa haa.

This time we really wanted you two to try the main attraction that is drawing people all over BKK to this Wake Park. Of course the Wakeboard thingy... I’ll let the photos explain the day... but wow, why we didn’t come sooner we just don’t know... No words can describe how much fun we had at the wake park (

You two mastered the kneeboard only after about 10 mins or so... Mar ended up standing on the instructor’s board, but Matt was so close... the instructor said Matt only needed a couple more try before he could the normal board all by himself. In fact Matt was way ahead of me, I really had trouble standing, whilst Matt was off and running, haa haa haa, well done Matt.

I was such a fool, I’d went round way too many times, didn’t realised that to stop all one had to do was to let go... rather than the operator cutting the rope (so to speak, lol) and your mother was crouching the entire circuit! Haa haa haa, you were only supposed to crouch at the beginning... haa haa haa.



Saturday, November 4, 2017

Well done Matt :-)


I am so sorry, the blog posts at the moment are a bit like Mr. Nolan’s film timeline… a little bit confusing at times… haa haa haa. So many Saturdays ago (07.10.17) we decided to spend the morning at Suanlum, which we had not been for a very long time and it was great, we fed the fish, you two played in the playground whilst your mother and I enjoy time alone just to chat… haa haa haa.

Soon it was time to go home and as we were walking back to the car, Matt suddenly ran up to me all excited and begged for the camera… of course I said no, but I am so glad that Matt had managed to convinced me to give him the camera… because tonight, for the first time, I saw why you wanted the camera so much… haa haa haa.

I have so many posts to write… and still have not really even started on Uncharted 4 yet, and foolishly I am no hooked on The Last of Us again (for the 4th time), haa haa haa haa haa.