Sunday, July 30, 2017

Visiting Grandmother

Dear Matt and Mar,

Last Thursday your grandmother sent me a short ‘line’ message, she was going for a shoulder operation on the Friday (morning) at the General hospital (10 minutes walk from my parents place), I was a little worried, although the shoulder operation was not considered as major, but for me I get worried even if she was going to the dentist, haa haa haa.

Took half of Friday off work, and headed to the hospital, by the time I had arrived it had already been a good three hours since she had come out from surgery, but the medicine was playing havoc on her, she was nauseated from the painkillers and could not keep down her food, being mildly diabetic meant not being to keep the medicine down was a bit of a problem.

001Super early on the following morning (Saturday), your mother had left just a little before six for the airport, she was heading to Phuket to pick up Matt. Obviously for breakfast I took the easy way out, lol, off to Dean we went. It has been a few days now since starting my 5 hours feeding window, so skipping breakfast while watching you eat bacon, scrambled eggs, pancake, potatoes, vegetables whilst I sip coffee was easy, haa haa haa.

Breakfast was fun, but soon it was over, and the next stop would be to the hospital. During the drive to the hospital, all I was thinking was how to keep the day interesting for you, my priority for the day was to be with your grandmother, as it turned out, it was more fun than ever.

Your grandmother was a different person than yesterday, she was a thousand times better, of course her shoulder was a bit sore but that was about it, lol. Mar was super helpful, fluffing up the pillows, getting the cold pack, and so much more, haa haa haa.

Truth be told, as it turned out, it was me who got bored first, haa haa haa haa haa, my aunt was amazing as usual, she was there to help her sister from the very first minute to the last second. After an hour or so, it was time of our adventure.

General hospital pretty much sits in the middle of old Bangkok, with mostly Chinese community, Chinatown is only a stone throw away and also there is a very famous Chinese Temple, after getting the direction from my aunt, Mar and I headed off on foot.

Wow, what a fantastic walk, it was nice change to the normal routine and for once I didn’t both of us lost, lol, I think it took us about 10 minutes to reach the temple, and for once it wasn’t busy. After a nice roam around it was time for lunch, and I had no idea where to go :-) but being in Chinatown finding a place to eat wasn’t going to be a problem, haa haa haa.

002In fact five minutes after leaving the temple we found a Chinese Restaurant (haa haa haa, I wish I could say we’d found a Mexican eatery). Lunch was interesting, I was going to continue the day’s fast but come on... we were sitting in a nice Chinese restaurant in one of the most vibrant Chinatown in this ASEAN, of course I ate, haa haa haa haa, ate far too much too, lol.

Soon it was time to go back to the hospital, your grandmother was now well enough to walk around and was in a great mood, so it was time to take another short walk to see your grandfather. He was busy as ever, so we didn’t try to disturb him too much. We couldn’t stay for long as we had to pick up your mother and Matt from the airport.

So we went back to the hospital, my aunt once again went out and got Mar’s dinner, which was scoffed down in record time, haa haa haa. I had planned to pick up, down to the last second. The plane was due to land at 18:40, give it another 40 minutes to clear the immigration and pick up the luggage, so leaving at 18:00 was going to be perfect... haa haa haa.

And for once, I wasn’t wrong, haa haa haa. By the time I’d turned down the last stretch of road towards the airport, your mother called... It was so great to see and hug Matt again, so many stories were swapped on the drive home. Mar went into detail how the apartment got flooded (warrant another post, haa haa haa, that was a tough morning), Matt was going on about all the fun time he had (with some coaxing from us, haa haa haa haa).

Saturday, July 29, 2017

12 months on and the start of Fasting

Dear Matt and Mar,

It all started back in August 2016, with 78 kg on the bathroom scale, a can (or two) of coke (zero), a snack (or four), and a fag (or two), all of that just before shower and bed (with no exercise routine thrown into this mix), so as you can see I was at the peak of physical fitness.

Farm De Lek-Daily routine was difficult, didn’t have the energy, walking up a tall flight of stairs required as much effort as those Everest climbers, haa haa haa haa, the worst thing was one was blind and didn’t see that a change was needed.

The beginning was when Matt was sent to Discovery Camp in Khao Yai for three days (or was it four? In August 2016), when it ended the rest of us drove to pick up Matt, and that was when it all started for me, and all thanks to the environment. Simply there was no convenient store in sight, the closest one was at least 20 minutes drive away.

So it was 3 days without nicotine, cola or even snacks and with all the activities flying around none of it was missed. Once back in BKK, and I remembered that day vividly, it was a Monday and I was on my routine walk to the BTS (sky train), on the way I had to walk past 7eleven... I remembered standing outside the door of the convenient store, literally with money in my left hand, looking like a mad man looking at the floor thinking... In my mind it was one simple question ‘to buy’ or ‘not to buy’ (nicotine sticks).

My left hand relaxed, the money stayed in the pocket and I walked on... I knew I would lapsed, so it was necessary to focus on something that requires so much effort that it would take my mind off the nicotine sticks... the answer came pretty much straight away... ‘Eating plan’, lol.

Eating until the verge of splitting open my stomach was by far my favourite hobby, and I took that hobby very, very, very seriously, haa haa haa, and I was good at it too. So focusing on eating less and eating better was going to require such dedication it was sure to take my mind off the ‘sticks’ and onto food. And it worked like a charm!

To be honest, this purpose of the eating plan had nothing to do with wanting to lose weight, I mean I was already pretty handsome in all fronts (haa haa haa), with this focus, nicotine was out of the picture entirely. But now another bridge to cross, how to cope with the need to feed, lol.

Bounce Emquartier BW-07133The answer was simple, lift weights, the heavier the better. The most difficult time was in the evening, so in the beginning was a simple set of dumbbells in the living room, slowly as weeks rolled by using a set of dumbbells and calisthenics soon hits its limit, so it was time to venture to the gym on floor 1. Thanks to the internet, advice and techniques was in abundance, at the beginning I had decided on 2 schemes, mostly ‘push’ with ‘legs’ and then ‘pull’ with ‘legs’.

After a few months having only 2 schemes was a bit of a burden, and now I am on 3 schemes and with this I am once again motivated to hit the gym a few times a week.

So now, close to 12 months on, from 78 kgs, I am at 65/66 kgs and feeling much better but in need of something new to maintain this new lifestyle. Earlier on I had stumbled on ‘Intermittent Fasting’ but never seriously consider it.

In needing something new to focus, I had started fasting a few days ago, and it was easier than I had thought. Once again I had started gently, skipping breakfast was easy (as by now my breakfast was quite small, a couple of eggs and a tiny bowl of oat flakes). At the beginning I couldn’t wait until lunch time (consists a huge bowl of salads (with a large dollop of proteins, lol), but with effort, I had been pushing back my lunch later and later, until around 15:00. Meaning my period without food was hovering around 15 to 17 hours, until yesterday.

Yesterday (middle of July) was so busy with work and meetings, it was easy to skip lunch altogether, so my only feed of the day was at around 19:00, meaning I was hitting 22 - 23 hours without food, and I couldn’t have felt better! Of course I am not going to do this everyday, I would just get bored with it, and what would be next? Haa haa haa haa haa haa.

Today, I am hoping to repeat yesterday’s effort as I am typing this post, it is now 10:52 not sure how I would fair without the distraction of meetings to keep my mind off lunch... but I’ll do my best :-)

The time is 17:50, still on the fast, I thought it was going to be more difficult today without the rush of work to keep my mind occupied. There were a couple of humps, specifically during the normal eating schedule, the first hump was around 08:00 and then again around 12:00.

To be honest, I was waiting for the shakes to come, but it didn't (must look into why one shakes when hungry), perhaps I was drinking more water to avoid dehydration. I am assuming that the third hump should be here soon, the plan is to break the fast around 19:00, about an hour before gym.

There is no way I can do this tomorrow (Saturday), to fast at the weekend would be a social suicide, tried it last weekend, your mother and Mar (Matt is in Phuket) had full breakfast at D&D and I just sat there with a cup of coffee... it was very strange... haa haa haa.

So these past 2 days has been very interesting and proves that given the right environment a 20+ hours fasting was doable. Will give this another try during the next coming working days, lol.

I think we broke the hotel :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

I think we broke the hotel, haa haa haa haa haa. Actually you and your friends broke the hotel, us the ‘parents’ are just the bystanders, lol.

P5270003Weeks and weeks prior to the half term break (of your final term) the parents of Mar’s class had been planning to visit Pattaya together, virtually almost the whole class went, haa haa haa haa haa.

So on the 26th of May, on the day you broke up for half term, your mother and I picked you two up from school and headed out to Pattaya (Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, wow what a name... lol), you two were in such high spirit, until 40 minutes into the drive, both of you went to dreamland, haa haa haa.

Once arrived (mid afternoon), we’d checked in quickly, your mother and I were already very familiar with the hotel so finding our way around was super simple, of course your mother got us a beautiful room but more importantly, it had a bunkbeds! Haa haa haa, that alone could have kept you two happy for months, lol.

Naturally once we all settled in, it was the mandatory photo sessions of you two monkeying around in the room before heading out to the pool, on this Friday only a few of Mar’s friends would be arriving, luckily for Matt, Bhing was able to make it on the Friday, it was great for Matt because Bhing’s brother (a year above Matt, but same age but twice as tall, haa haa haa) was also there too, Matt and Pae had always loved to play together whenever they met.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith only a small group of friends, the fun factor was already flying through the roof, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like (tomorrow) when the rest of the gang would be arriving, haa haa haa. Supper that night was quite special, I was so glad that Khun Mhee and Khun Nonglek suggested a somewhat different place to have supper, all of us ended up heading towards a small family run Spanish restaurant.

The restaurant was quite small, when we entered we had a nice surprise, the other group who had also chosen to dine there were also from Shrewsbury, haa haa haa, familiar faces all around. Supper was super delicious and full of laughter.

Next day, breakfast was fast, and it was pool time, cutting the long story short, the fun factor was beyond belief, haa haa haa, especially when everyone arrived, I’ll let the photos explain everything... haa haa haa. That evening we’d decided to dine in the resort, virtually taking over the Italian restaurants, I think there were over 15 children and the same number for the parents, who also took the opportunity to celebrate 3 parents’ Birthdays... you could only imagine the scene... haa haa haa.

When we got bored with swimming, almost the whole gang headed to Harbor City, this shopping mall was focused on family, with so many attractions for children, it was beyond belief, ice skates, lasers, play zone, trampoline zone, and so many more, we could have easily spent the whole day there, haa haa haa, luckily we didn’t.

The weekend was a tremendous success, tiring but super fun, not sure what they have planned next, haa haa haa.