Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moving to Hogwarts :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Here was a rather big coincidence, during the summer holiday, I had been buying Matt books to read (of course, what else was he going to do with it?), each book would have less and less pictures and more and more words... and the last book before new school year starts was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone.

However, I had forgotten to read a small note that came with Matt at the beginning of the holiday from school... in short, please have  your child read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone before the new term starts... haa haa haa, what a coincidence.

In the previous school year (year 3) the theme was Roman, and this year (obviously) it’s Harry Potter, meaning more dressing up, lol. Unlike a blind panic we had last year, we were quite chill about it, as we knew exactly where to get the darn outfit!

So last Sunday we went to this shop with the sole focus of finding something for Matt, but we ended up spending more on Mar than Matt, haa haa haa.

Harry Potter section in the shop was amazing! It was like really shopping in Daigon Alley, and it was really like shopping for proper school uniform for Matt before attending Hogwarts. Shirts, cape, necktie, jumper, jackets, glasses, wand and so many more, as you can see Matt could have easily be one of the extra on the film set, haa haa haa.


But for Mar, there it was... an Elsa’s dress! There was no way she was going to leave the shop without that dress in the bag! Haa haa haa, unfortunately the dress was just a little too big, so the kind lady had to keep it for a week to do some minor alterations... and then your mother saw the hair, haa haa haa, I loved it :-)

Feeding the turtles :-)

Sat Turtles Mach-01383Dear Matt and Mar,

This past Sunday instead of the usual swim for us, and cardio for your mother, we had to change the routine slightly as your mother had a function to attend in the morning. It was a perfect chance for me to get rid of some very stale bread, so after dropping off your mother, us three headed to the Lumpinee Park to feed the fishes.

This time we also took a ball with us (in hope for a kick about), but it ended up wasting our time quite a bit, because it rolled down a steep bank and into the huge lake a couple of times... haa haa haa, I should have recorded Matt’s scream as us three stood and watched the ball rolled into the lake, lol.

But the fish helped up, they really did bring the ball back to us (I don’t mean in a Hollywood dolphin kind, lol), we’d simple threw the bread just a little beyond the ball, the school of fish hustle one another to eat the bread, creating waves and thus sending the ball back to us... actually the most difficult part is to pick up the ball whilst standing on a rather steep incline, lol.

Sat Turtles Mach-01417

Apart from getting rid of almost a loaf of stale bread, we bought more (many more) bags bread cuttings just to feed the fish, lol, of course along the way bread fell on the floor, meaning we were feeding my most feared enemy,pigeons, by accident, which was very frowned upon by the keepers. Good news was that, the crows also came for the bread too, somehow they allowed Mar to get up close, close enough for the crow to take the bread off her hands, but when I’d try to do it, they all flew away.

Sat Turtles Mach-01402

Sat Turtles Mach-01409

After a while, the turtles came, and for the rest of the morning it was all about the turtles! I was torn between taking photos and holding on to your clothes, as the last thing I want was to have you two falling into the lake.

After I had refused to buy any more bread (as we had already gone through probably 6 huge bags) it was time for a quick kick about... now that was fun and brought to light how unfit I am, lol.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Learning to laundry and back to School.

Learning laundry-00362Dear Matt and Mar,

Soon, all your mother and I will do is zonking in front of TV whilst eating crisps, haa haa haa, while you both take care all of the daily chores. Sweeping… tick, washing up… tick, take out the rubbish… tick and now laundry… tick :-)

Term starts the day after tomorrow :-) and you both are so looking forward to it, Mar will now finish at 14:30 instead of 12:30, Matt will now have YouTime until 15:30, so I think your aunt will probably keep Mar occupy in the library until Matt finishes his YouTime.

For Matt, instead of going back to the same friends, for this 4th year, they are now mixing it up a little. Your mother and I hope you two will have another great school year :-)

Long weekend in Sriracha :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

When your mother was young (many, many, many years ago… lol) she was a very active member of the Focolare movement, and this past long weekend, it was their 40th year celebration in Thailand, so your mother had decided to make a trip out of it, including her parents, your aunt, your aunt’s friend and us :-)

Sriracha D1-01108Sriracha D1-01073


But instead of staying in the same resort where the event was being held, she had decided to have us and your grandparents stayed in the nearby hotel, it has been forever since all of us had travelled together so your mother was so, so looking forward to this trip :-)


We did so many things, so opportunities for photos was not a problem, haa haa haa. The walk along the long pier with you two was one of the highlight, ended up having to carry Mar though, haa haa haa, a little scared she was, lol, and so was I :-) haa haa haa. The trip to the Space Inspirium was surprisingly great, the monkey mountain (more like a hill) was quite fun too. Apart from that we spent most of the time swimming and eating... haa haa haa.

Sriracha D2-01237




Telling Mar that the camera was shockproof, was a huge mistake... she now tries to test its strength every time she has the camera in her hands, lol, throwing it full strength onto the floor literally gave me a heart attack... haa haa haa (darn, it wasn’t broken... so I’d just have to wait a little longer for the TG4, haa haa haa).





Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Self Discovery Camp :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

This week was the week (2nd Aug.) where for the first time Matt will be spending time away from home all by himself, lol, the camp he will be joining is ‘Self Discovery Camp’, and to be very honest your mother and I were ever so worried! Matt will be away for 5 days and 4 nights, your mother had of course packed enough clothes for a century, haa haa haa.

001The camp starts on the Tuesday, there was a pickup point at the outskirt (north) of Bangkok, however your mother wanted me to drop you off at the camp itself, of course I’d comply, haa haa haa. So after applying for leave, us three took off on Tuesday morning, aiming to arrive at the camp by eleven (your mother had to work, so it was only the three of us).

Driving there was a bit of a laugh, apart from losing my way (a little, lol) we did arrive on time (Bonanza Resort), but the bus hadn’t turned up which made me glad, as I really wanted time to take a good look around before the rest of the gang shows up.

Close to 12:00 the bus arrived with the majority of the children, and then it was time for Mar and I to leave, but I didn’t, actually Mar and I stayed behind just for me to observed how you got on with the rest of the children, of course you took to it like fish to water... haa haa haa.

Then it was only Mar and I, and I had everything planned out to the millisecond, haa haa haa. First stop was Bonanza zoo, I can not express how I hate (small) zoo like this, low budget, low maintenance and low on thoughtfulness. But Mar being only 4 loves the zoos, especially the feeding part, lol, well as soon as you are older we must have a talk on this, lol.



A couple of hours was enough, then it was time to check in to the nearby hotel (Escape), which was only 20 minutes away, the rest of the day was spent swimming :-) Supper came quite late, trying to keep Mar awake whilst driving to supper was tough, lol.


Wednesday morning, started off with (of course) breakfast and a swim followed by checking out, then a quick drive to Chokchai farm, Mar had been moaning to get back to feeding the sheep and the cow again, lol. Unfortunately (much to my delight) because it was during the week, the tour of the farm was limited to 10:00 and 14:00 only, so we spent most of the time on the small petting pen outside the farm, and Mar could not have been more happy (feeding cow, sheep and riding on a pony). With more time to kill, we took a tour at the museum... haa haa haa, it was interesting... ;-) Soon it was time for lunch and a long drive home :-)


5 Days later :-)

Your mother counted the days to the weekend, haa haa haa, we were told to arrive at 10:00 on the Saturday morning and I could see that your mother was more than eager to get going, haa haa haa. She was slightly cross though when I’d lost my way a little, lol.

Instead of picking up the children in the normal way, all the parents were led into a darkened room where the children were meditating (eyes closed), we’d all tried our best not to make a sound, finally all parents were in front of their child (their eyes were still tightly closed, listening to story from the narrator).

Once the story (about endless love of parents for their children) ended, all the children were told to open their eyes... haa haa haa, some of the children cried, some gasp and laugh, Matt was a mixed between the two, haa haa haa, but your mother was definitely bawling her eyes out, lol.


The first thing we noticed was Matt’s hair, it was totally sticky... even though he said he had washed it everyday... of course only to be found out later that he was washing his hair with soap, lol. Mar on the other hand was just plain happy to be going to a ‘holiday’ (meaning hotel) again.

One of the parent who was picking up her child, has a son in Mar’s class, so it was a great surprise for all of us, only to found out that a bunch of Mar’s friends were there too. There was no other option, we gladly joined them for lunch, and it was the best lunch ever! Imagine around 20 very young children and 10 adults having lunch in a quiet restaurant... well it wasn’t quiet when we were there, haa haa haa.


After the best lunch ever, we parted way and went back to Escape, this time your mother had upgraded to the pool villa instead of the room Mar and I had previously, you two could not have a bigger smile on your faces, to see that shimmering pool, lol.

MnM Picking up Khaoyai-00860

The rest of the day was nothing but swimming... On the following day, after breakfast we all headed to Mhor Por farm, more horse riding and more feeding things... haa haa haa, then is was time to head home. We needed to arrive at my parents house before 16:00, so that your mother and I could take part in the important referendum on whether to accept the update constitution, and we made it with 15 minutes to spare :-).



Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First time in Japan :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

Overseas business trips are coming thick and fast, lol, for the most part of last week I was (for the first time) in Japan (Tokyo), although it was quite a short visit, but what is there not to like about Tokyo? Absolutely adored the place :-).

Tokyo Day Two-00207Tokyo Day Two-00243

Nothing much to say really, business trip is business trip, meetings and gathering information was the order of the day (all days, haa haa haa). Don’t really know why, but for this business trip,I had also taken the A7 with me (another excuse to get a new camera bag too, lol, your mother was not amused), and I was so glad that I did.

Tokyo Day Two-00174

Most of the photos turned out to be for work, a little soulless, nothing more than snapshots of information, but we did have a little time to visit a couple of interesting places, it was superb fun just to roam around and getting lost, lol.

Your mother and I are already discussing about half-term trip and the end of term trip (and the school term hasn’t even started yet), haa haa haa. We are thinking for the short half-term, we may be heading to Singapore, with an option to drive to Legoland in Malaysia, lol.

Tokyo Day Two-00280

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just the three of us :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

So it happened once again, lol, a few weeks back your mother was on her company outing (where she had left the house without her fancy dress (Cleopatra), meaning at 06:20, I had to put on my coolest shorts and T-shirt, rushed downstairs to the nearest Motorcycle Taxi stand, and over paid them to rush the dress to your mother before her bus left her company, lol).

Zpell-09921Then it was just us three once again, Saturday was easy enough, nothing but routine stops... haa haa haa, but come Sunday I took the easiest route and called my mother, haa haa haa. It was great to spend a full day with my parents, you two were spoilt rotten, lol.

We managed to visit a far off shopping mall to the north of Bangkok, it was really work for me, scouting out the place for a potential location. The huge screen wall was actually quite fun, lol.

Total Annihilation :-)

TeamLab-09840Dear Matt and Mar,

Now and then when I fancy a beating, I would bring out Battleship... and challenge Matt to an annihilation, and so far it has been me who had been annihilated (every time), haa haa haa, same story for this latest game, to tell the truth, I have never lost this badly... lol.

It started off badly for me and it ended even worst, haa haa haa, I mean just look at it, haa haa haa, he got my smallest ship on the very first try! lol.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TeamLab thingy :-)

Dear Matt and Mar,

By some miracle we keep finding new things for you to do, well when I say we, I mean your aunt and mother, haa haa haa. TeamLab Island which is digital Interactive Theme park, was set up for a couple of months at Central World. Although you had already visited there during the week, your mother and I were dragged there once more, by two extremely excited children, lol.




Because it was the weekend, I can tell that you two were totally disappointed with the experience, the first time you went, it was during the week and so all the activities were pretty much belonged to you two, but now at the weekend, it was more like a Klong Toey market on a bad day, haa haa haa.

Nonetheless, I did find it totally relaxing, to the point of falling asleep in one of those huge beanbag… haa haa haa.

Just imagine downing 5 pints of guinness on an empty stomach and stumbling into this interactive theme park… haa haa haa haa haa.